Michael Jackson’s nurse speaks out about his drug use

Cherilyn Lee, a nurse practitioner, took the stand Tuesday in the Michael Jackson case in which Jackson’s physician, Dr. Conrad Murray faces charges of involuntary manslaughter. According to MSNBC, Lee said that she tried to dissuade Jackson from taking the powerful anesthetic, propofol and instead recommended holistic sleep aids for his insomnia. The celebrity singer rebuffed her efforts.

Dr. Murray has plead not guilty to accusations that he administered a fatal dose of propofol the night Jackson died.

See Lee’s testimony below:

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What do you think about the MJ case? What can nurses do to ensure protection and provide help for seekers?

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One Response to Michael Jackson’s nurse speaks out about his drug use

  1. jbiel517 RN

    MJ did not just stop at the pharmacy and just pick up a few bottles of propofol on his way home from work one day, someone supplied it to him. It should not matter if he demanded it or not, Dr’s are obligated to “first do no harm”. People don’t always know what is in their best interest, and it is up to the health care providers to make sure the medications and treatments are SAFE. They are one ones who have the education to know better. I have no sympathy for Dr Murray. I think he was worried about getting fired by MJ and losing his cash cow if he didn’t comply to his demands.