MTV to re-edit ‘Scrubbing In’ with more nursing footage, less debauchery

Scrubbing In


The backlash for MTV’s Scrubbing In, a show about travel nurses both in and out of the hospital, began before the show even premiered! The criticism of the show continued after regular episodes of the show started airing, with the American Nurses Association complaining the show’s “negative images reinforce sexist and inaccurate nurse stereotypes.”

Now it appears MTV has taken heed of the strong words against the show, and will re-edit future episodes to focus more on clinical scenes and highlight nursing skills, according to Variety. The network also will move the series from its previous 10 PM time slot to midnight, will publish a blog post detailing the nursing profession and plans to promote a web feature called “A Day in the Life of a Nurse.”

In addition to the nursing organizations that spoke out against the show, more than 30,000 signatures have been gathered so far on a petition asking MTV to cancel the show altogether.

The first three episodes of Scrubbing In focused more on the lives of the nurses on the show outside of the workplace. Being MTV, this often included partying, drinking and a good deal of drama.

Our question: is this too little, too late? Did you watch the show–should it be canceled altogether, or has the issue been blown out of proportion? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.



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4 Responses to MTV to re-edit ‘Scrubbing In’ with more nursing footage, less debauchery

  1. Lara Reams

    So happy to see there has been a response to the petition for Scrubbing In. I don’t believe it accurately portrayed the nursing profession AT ALL. Good job ANA for keeping the torch lit on our behalf. Too little, too late??, I am not really sure.

  2. I am so happy that nurses came together on this issue and spoke up to make a difference. MTV didn’t have to do a darn thing, if you didn’t want to, so I am also happy that they decided to make some changes to their show.
    I hope this will send a strong messages to the media that nurses are tired of their image being dragged through the dirt.

  3. I watched the first episode of MTV’s “Scrubbing In” and was totally disgusted. It’s promotion of the typical nurse stereotypes made me want to throw up. I am glad the ANA stepped up to set the record straight. Nurses are intelligent, dedicated and hard working and not the ditzy, party goers portrayed by the MTV show. Quite frankly the so called fictional show “ER” with Julianna Margolies was a more accurate portrayal of what real nurses are than this so called reality show.

    • RaNimal RN

      I have watched several episodes only in hopes that it MIGHT actually show a SLIVER of the reality of nursing. I HATE THIS SHOW. It is just another unreal “reality” show where gorgeous 20 somethings all parade around pretending to do something important in between drama scenes, hookups, and drinking binges. Unfortunately for us, they are making a mockery of the nursing profession this time. Thank goodness the ANA is speaking up and has enough pull to get something done!