MTV’s “Scrubbing In” gets premiere date and trailer



Back in August, we told you that MTV had announced a new reality show about traveling nurses, set to premiere this fall. Originally titled Nurse Nation, the new show – now called Scrubbing In – recently received a premiere date (October 24 at 10 PM), and a teaser trailer for the first season. MTV also has revamped the show’s description:

‘Scrubbing In’ follows a group of travel nurses assigned to work at an Orange County, CA hospital for 12 weeks. Relocating from across the country, these nurses have left their hometowns and lives behind for short-term hospital contracts, with the added benefit of exploring a new city. For Tyrice, Chris and Fernando, this isn’t their first tour and they’re considered experts of the program. For first-timers Adrian, Chelsey, Michelle, Crystal, Nikki and Heather, this is a new journey they’re embarking on together, looking for a change from their previous nursing jobs.

Watch the trailer below:

You can follow the show here on the official MTV site.

What do you think of the trailer? Do you think the show will negatively impact the public’s opinion of nurses? Will you be watching the show? Let us know in the comments!


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7 Responses to MTV’s “Scrubbing In” gets premiere date and trailer

  1. poecatslady

    The group of nurses they have does not accurately reflect nurses! In my experience hardly any act like the ones that were in that trailer! Disgraceful!

  2. shawn

    I am apauled at the depiction of our profession on this show! Where there is a nursing shortage, I would like to see stats and graphs. Our new grads coming out of school are not even getting calls and taking at least 6 months to land a position. This is causing such frustration and disappointment in alot of these grads, they are lasting about 2 yrs. and give up. As a nurse of 20+ yrs. I was laid off taking 1 yr. to get FT position with benefits! Plenty of prn. Those of us in this God given calling growing older are being pushed out because of “reality” crap such as this. These new nurses need our experience, guidance, and patience so we can keep them instead of scaring them or showing such unprofessionalism such as what you are depicting, real nurses or not! You leave your private life such as this..private! We are by no means saints and are put on a pedestal we do not need to be on, as we are human. Obamacare must already have the producers warped!

  3. red6111

    I can’t speak for other places but the “new generation of nurse’s” is very similar to the new generation I currently work with. Hospitals and administrators fall over themselves for these types of sheeple. All out for themselves and what’s in it for them. Easily swayed by a bit of glitter and glory. It’s extremely discouraging……it’s time to move on…..because it’s only going to get worse… evidenced by some idiot thinking this portrayal of nusring in appropriate.

  4. nurse0506

    Disgusting. I would not want to work with nurses that seem to have no problem acting like idiots. Shame on Anaya Healthcare and MTV for subjecting the public to such an inaccurate portrayal of one of the most trusted and critical professions.

  5. carollynnSKJ Caption Contest

    Unfortunately, this is not far fetched. I worked with young nurses like this, especially in Florida. This is how a lot of college kids behave these days. It’s just the way the world is “progressing.” Grin and bare, err, I mean bear? To think that this does not accurately depict nurses is naive. True, many nurses do not act in this manner but, many do. I’ve seen it.

  6. As a new nurse, I will not be watching this show. I find it extremely flaky and to be honest, somewhat offensive. This in my opinion gives a really bad rep to us newbies.

  7. Samuel Max

    MTV agrees to positive changes for remaining episodes and rethinks Season 2. Read all about it at