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Curious which blogs fellow nurses are reading? I know I am. Here’s a list of blogs that I follow and why I love them. Share yours in the comments!





GruntDoc (
He’s a fellow Texan and an emergency room doctor. Be sure to read the wasabi story and check out his latest merge of Press Ganey and the pain scale.

Midwife for the End-of-Life (
Sadly, she hasn’t updated since August, but there’s a lot of good, re-readable stuff here about being a hospice nurse.

Codeblog (
The grandmother of the nurse blog. Funny, irreverent, respectful of the profession, well-written.

What Should We Call Nursing (
A Tumblr devoted to exploring the world of nursing through GIFs. Laugh-till-you-cry material.

Are You Having Any Pain? (
Another GIF blog, this time from a nurse in an inner-city hospital.

Enjoy, y’all! Remember, that greyhound saw the canary on February 2, or whatever that was, so spring will come early this year!

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