Nurse confessions!

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Did you ever play “Never have I ever…” back in college?

If you did, you know how absolutely inappropriate, revealing, and deliciously fun the game can be! Now you get to do again, but as a nurse. And with PURE anonymity.

We queried a range of nurses about their most secret confessions. Some are tame. Some are wild. Some are heartbreaking.

Click through, vote, and see how many other nurses have had the same experiences as you.

Never have I ever…

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29 Responses to Nurse confessions!

  1. Bertia

    I really enjoyed that…..It made me smile!!! It made me think about some of things that ….”never have I ever” and some I have!!!

  2. Norma Vanest

    Never have I ever taken a sanitary product from the supply closet because I “started” at work and I didn’t have time to beg one off a coworker.

  3. Norma

    Never have I ever taken a sanitary product out of the patient supply closet because I “started” at work and didn’t have time to beg one off a coworker.

  4. pure anonymity

    Never have I ever provided care to a being that was not of this planet.

  5. Alicia

    Yes I have drank apple juice out of a urinal at the nurses station!

  6. annonym

    Yes I have given the patient a different names for myself,,,, after his asking and receiving the correct name greater than 50 times…..oh how I love the concussions.

    • beth RN

      None of the above. But a nurse I worked with called in sick from Vegas. We live in Texas.

  7. Your name

    On N.Y. Eve we drank non-alcoholic bubbly out of urine cups! And I took care of a jockey as a patient, and she told me stories of how the nurses and emt’s would sneak in alcohol in IVPB’s, as long as it was clear, they could sneak it in, of course they were off-duty! I would have never thought of this!

  8. RunsWithScissors

    Yes, I have done most of these things PLUS …
    Yes, I have eaten cake from a clean emesis basin. Yes, I have started a fire in the Doctor’s Lounge microwave at 0300 while making microwave popcorn.
    Yes, I have missed countless holidays and family activities because I was working.
    Yes, I have played detective trying to find out a patient’s name, or meds, or phone number, or …
    Yes, I have held a terrified patient as they died.
    Yes, I am a nurse.
    Yes, I LOVE it and wouldn’t think of doing anything else..

    • kneechorton

      I luv this, these thing are just a few of the things that nursing is all about

    • kneechorton

      I have never not warned a frequent flyer STD patient who comes in the ER every other week that I was about to administer this injection

  9. Fred R.N.

    Has any other nurse ever tricked an abusive, drunken “frequent flyer” into admitting suicidal/homicidal thoughts so that you could keep them confined to their gurney while in the E.R.?

  10. TDK227

    In one ED where I worked the nurses would refer to each other as Mona (in reference to an old television commercial that most won’t remember). In any case, a patient complained to me once that a nurse was rude to her. The nurses name: Mona.

    I have:
    Autoclaved a turkey for Thanksgiving to warm it up . (it exploded).
    Had an angry doctor follow me into the ladies room.
    Had to carry a bloody amputated leg to the OR.
    Eaten out of an emesis basin, bedpan, urine cup etc.

  11. sisterurse

    Yes, I have…
    Put K-Y on the Dr.’s phone and called it from the nurses station!
    Come to work in the ER on roller blades, with a pillow bandaged to my fanny :)
    Sat on the floor of the ER playing my imaginary guitar, sang, and held out a cup for money… with an agitated, delusional patient to keep him calm while our department was going crazy.
    Ran down to the basement, borrowed the floor buffer, and polished the floor of the ER while JCAHO was in a pre-visit meeting across the hall.

  12. Shauna

    Never have I put tape in some brat’s hair after he waited 4 hours to go get stitches cause he was too busy getting stoned… then asked me to hurry up!

  13. Patricia

    never have I called out of work sick because i was already stressed out and went shopping instead because I did not want to go to work and deal with more stress that day.

  14. Scott

    Have you ever flirted with a doctor during a code?

  15. terpea RN

    It is funny to see that some things are universal…LOL

  16. Abby Student

    As far as I know, the MD parking spots have nothing to do with respect, it’s so that they can park in an emergency. So, I don’t think i would park in such spots. It has nothing to do with inferiority; it’s necessity. Also, all the doctors I know respect even me, and right now I’m just a volunteer.

    • Granny RN RN

      Agreed. Though in my case I would never simply because I don’t want MY car towed!

  17. binary Student

    Never have I ever peed in a specimen cup and dipsticked it to check for a UTI while at work.

  18. asabeyta RN

    On Thanksgiving, we made StoveTop stuffing in an emesis basin.. :)

  19. LindsayLeigh

    Yes, I’ve used a tongue depressor as an eating utensil… and I’ve also used an eating utensil as a tongue depressor.

  20. casigler

    Never have I ever decorated a Christmas tree with urinals and Kerlix…
    Never have I ever had water fights with 60 cc syringes…
    Never have I ever gotten out of a speeding ticket for being a nurse in scrubs /whites.. (professional courtesy)

  21. MQ

    I have ever called out for help at a helicopter at the ward window with a schizophrenia patient to save us from the building cuz we were “trapped by demons” so the patient will follow my instructions and brought a granny with dementia into 4 or 5 bathrooms and pretended that they were lifts that has unexpectedly broken down in an attempt to “leave the ward to go home” when the poor granny was making a fuss and screaming at everyone to let her leave the ward while waiting for her son to fetch her (:

  22. Suzy

    Never have I ever ate an extra geriatric ground meat diet.
    Never have I ever told a patient he was my first IV stick on April Fools Day.
    Never have I ever stuck a thermometer in a family members mouth accidentally while getting vitals.
    Never have I ever had to try to find a dropped polyp with a patient’s first BM after a colonoscopy and he ate corn the night before.
    Never have I ever wrote the message “I was here” on a co-worker buttock with a marking pen before they recovered from surgery

  23. tch1920

    yes I did drink as much water as I could and then compete in a bladder scan contest with other unit members to see whose bladder could hold the most urine.