New glasses to let you see patients’ veins through skin?

Tired of not being able to find a vein? Those days may soon be behind you.

Eyes-On Glasses reportedly allow nurses to “see” veins through multi-spectral 3-D images. Nurses see the patient’s skin as it is through the clear lens of the glasses, but also see the camera’s processed image of the veins overlaid on the skin. Evena Medical, the company that produces the glasses, says the product allows nurses to quickly and easily find veins in most patients.

It should be noted that Eyes-On Glasses are not yet for sale. While they are expected to be on the market by the first quarter of next year, the company points out in an interestingly worded note on its website that its other product featuring imaging technology “is not available in the U.S., EU and many other developed nations.”

Another point of note is that you wouldn’t be likely to find these glasses on any fashion runway, though that certainly will be of less concern if we actually find these available to use in our workplaces. Until then, however, we must continue our dreams of a day when we never again will have to search for the elusive vein.

What do you think: if these glasses become available, would you try a pair? Or would you rather find veins on your own? Sound off in the comments below!

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20 Responses to New glasses to let you see patients’ veins through skin?

  1. rnsomeday

    I need this :( I suck at finding veins :(

  2. Mitzipatootee

    Some veins are very hard to find resulting in multiple sticks, I would appreciate any tool that would make my patients more comfortable.


    I rather find them myself…

  4. luvnicubabies RN

    These would be totally awesome in my NICU. Those big fat diabetic babies!!!!

  5. mybabematt

    I would love to try a pair.


    As a nursing instructor and ER nurse…I would love to get my hands on these!!!! We would be happy to pilot!!!! The reduction in time, costs, pain and infection from repeated sticks would be beneficial to the patient and the facility!

  7. tinasdude

    Having to take of more patients, who are also sicker, is difficult. Anything that saves me time and increases patient outcomes is welcome!!!!

  8. I just LOVE technologies like this! I know that some nurses many be skeptical, but I think that these could really be a helpful tool to help nurses get that stick more quickly and forgo any unneeded pain for the patient.

  9. bassador7

    I’d love to be able to get every stick, but if I can’t and this would help…I’d love to try a pair!!

  10. ez2bmeus

    That will be junk an useless just like the little ultrasound gadgets already available.. Stick till you get it!!

    • clknight77

      But what about the patient’s comfort???

    • Xcruciatuz

      Wow, we have a sadist in the house. I’m scared for your patients.

  11. clknight77

    I would love a pair of these! Let’s face it… Some patients are hard sticks no matter how good of a nurse/phlebotomist you are. Especially when they’re edematous or dialysis patients. This would reduce overhead/supply costs, time spent, and the pain for patients. Thumbs up over here!

  12. Xcruciatuz

    To think I was saving up $5000 for a VeinViewer Flex, I can’t wait ’til I get my hands on this lovely.

  13. aprilRN7

    of course I would love to try this new ttechnology. Anyone who says they wouldn’t is either a) not up to changing with modern medicine, or b) to conceited thinking they don’t need any help that they are just perfect. Everybody has their off days I don’t care who they are and I feel like this piece would be extremely beneficial. And what’s this crap with I want to fo with the ones I can feel rather than see lol. Yea I agree BUT when u have a machine that can see better than the human eye, I’m going with what it can see too. This is all JMO. :)