News for nurses round up: Kicking off the New Year

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One of our new goals is to bring you news every week of nurse-related happenings across the web. Stay tuned for this roundup every Thursday as we scour the Internet for controversy, quotes and stories related to nursing and the things you care about.



1. Nurse refuses to get flu shot or wear mask and is fired from job

“I love my job, and I loved the people I worked with,” said Carla Brock, a pre-admissions nurse. But “I have spiritual and religious reasons to not have those toxins in my body.”

“We jumped through the hoops,” she said. “We did all the right things. It’s obviously punitive. It’s obviously coercive.”

Source: USA Today

2. Local nurse hired to make sure people take their medications properly

“I’m able to be creative and implement a lot of programs I don’t think just being a clinical nurse you’re able to do,” said Alyssa Kaiser, a recent graduate from the Mass. College of Pharmacy and Health Science.

“What I’m trying to do is trying to take a look at all of the towns and trying to see what are the issues…in each one of the towns and what can we do to help solve that problem or prevent these issues?” she said. “I don’t think that has been addressed before.”

Source: The MetroWest Daily News

3. Nurses at bar (and off duty, obviously) save a local man who stumbles in with gunshot wounds

“He would have bled out and died right in the bar if we didn’t help him,” said Tim Carew, one of the nurses who worked on the man, whom police did not identify.

“He was leaking blood,” said Carew. “He needed to lay down or risk going into shock.”

“He kept saying, ‘I love you guys,'” said Carew.

Source: Star Tribune


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One Response to News for nurses round up: Kicking off the New Year

  1. Granny RN RN

    Yesterday the CDC issued a statement that this years’ flu shot has been only about 62% effective nationwide.
    When SARS emerged in Southeast Asia a few years ago there was no time to develop a vaccine. What WORKED to keep that scary bug from being spread to the whole world was the same Basic Universal Precautions that we were all supposedly taught in Nursing School. Travelers who were febrile or who had been exposed to the virus were detained and quarantined until the virus and source were identified and eliminated. As a result only ONE case ever made it to the Western Hemisphere (to Toronto, Canada).
    A common surgical mask is only effective for about 30 minutes, assuming that it stays clean and dry. However the ‘weave’ of the material is usually 3 microns or larger while most common viruses, including the flu, are 1-2 microns in size which allows them to pass through anything but a respirator (Space Suit-type) mask.
    I suppose that the U.S. will stomp on the Civil Rights of its experienced and knowledgeable nurses until there are none left. Kudos to nurses who actually THINK and use scientific data in their practice and in their own health care.
    That IS, after all, what we are SUPPOSED to be doing, right?