Nurse Angie’s cartoon scrubs


Every time I step into my cardiologist’s office, I get a lump in the back of my throat and feel sadness hanging over me. It never helps that most of the patients in the waiting room seem to be 70 or older. Many are in wheelchairs with a caretaker helping them. Ten years ago when in my late thirties, I visited every six months and I was one of the youngest patients. Now as I age my visits have increased to every three months.


One thing I look forward to when I visit my cardiologist is Nurse Angie. She’s always there to greet me with a big smile, wearing one of her wacky printed scrubs. I always dread my appointments, but Angie’s scrubs are the icebreakers that ease my anxiety when I go to see my cardiologist. Each time I come in, she has on a different print and it immediately perks me up.

I have to say, I wouldn’t be here today without my doctor. He’s brilliant. But he’s not the funniest guy. It’s okay, though, because I have Angie cheering me up. She and I have gotten to know each other well over the last ten years. Last time I saw her, we laughed at the cartoon print she had on and reminisced about our favorite cartoons as kids. Angie’s sense of humor and funny prints always bring a smile to my face.


On my last visit, I sat in the waiting room trying to read one of the magazines that were inevitably for the elderly crowd. I tried to keep my eyes on the magazine to avoid the stares I usually got from the other patients. When the nurse called my name, I looked up and saw it wasn’t Angie. This nurse had on a faded pair of scrubs. We were silent as we walked down the hallway. I began to worry that Angie didn’t work there anymore. I finally asked, “Where’s Angie?” The nurse told me Angie’s daughter had a baby the night before.

I wondered if Angie would wear baby-themed scrubs in honor of her new grandchild when I saw her next. Whatever it would be, I knew we’d begin our cheerful conversation down the hallway. I was relieved.

I know my next appointment will have the light touch that Angie and her prints bring me. I’m actually looking forward to my next visit and hearing about her new grandchild.

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Katie Sparks

Katie Sparks has been a renowned television show costume designer for more than 20 years. She received a nomination from the Costume Designers Guild for excellent costume design for Arrested Development. When she's not dressing movie stars, she loves to write, and says, "Writing for Scrubs gives me the opportunity to write and give fashion tips! A perfect combo."

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4 Responses to Nurse Angie’s cartoon scrubs

  1. Love this article. I really enjoy nurses that are like Angie. They make my visit an easy one.

    Thank you for sharing your story.

  2. Anonymous

    I know nurses with fun style like Angie. Real characters that make a doctor’s office visit more bearable. Thanks for pointing that out.

  3. Anonymous

    How true, nurses with bright cheery scrubs DO make a difference. Thanks for your enlightening article.

  4. Anonymous

    Come to think of it, I will keep my ‘Sponge Bob Square Pants’ scrubs after all. Thanks for the chuckle.

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