Nurse bling: 13 stethoscope covers we love!

If you’re guilty of stuffing your beloved stethoscope in your bag or purse after a shift, you may be looking for a way to give it a bit more protection. After all, steths certainly aren’t cheap! We scouted Etsy for the cutest and best handmade stethoscope covers┬áto protect your precious instrument while you’re on the go. Check out our picks below!

birds stethoscope cover

KW Rosas Creations, $14

boutique stethoscope cover

Strappies, $15

chevron aqua and grey stethoscope cover

Strappies, $15

creating fairytales stethoscope cover

Creating Fairytales, $13

embroidered stethoscope cover

Shannon’s Sweat Shop, $15.50

embroidered rn stethoscope cover

Paisley Maizie, $25

embroidered stethoscope cover

Paisley Maizie, $23

heart beat stethoscope cover

Strappies, $12

honoring nurses stethoscope cover

Strappies, $10

lobester stethoscope cover

Granny Apple Creations, $25

skinny crochet stethoscope cover

Shannon’s Sweat Shop, $8

stethoscope cover marbled yarn

Simple Gifts LLC, $11.50

uniquely embroidered giraffe cover

My Scap, $19

Nurses, which holder is your favorite? Do you already own a steth holder? If so, where did you get it and why do you love it? Fill us in in the comments below!


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4 Responses to Nurse bling: 13 stethoscope covers we love!

  1. callahag

    KW Rosas Creations

  2. Sshikers

    Granny Apple Creations!

  3. lwcco2 Fan

    I love the Lobster from Granny Apple Creations! How unique.


    Would NEVER own a “scope coat” due to infection control issues (they have been banned in our unit) … maybe if the ” scope coat” could be wiped down in between patients (we santize the WHOLE scope, not JUST the part that touches the patient during assessment) … I don’t see ANY of the “scope coats” pictured above covering/protecting the head/bell/diaphram of the stethoscope … these are cute but very impractical for the direct care nurse … am surprised this website is supporting this item as it is nothing but a source of potential infection for the patients nurses are to be advocating for ~

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