Nurse bling: 3 adorable pairs of nurse-themed earrings

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and we’ve found the perfect accessory to finish off a V-Day look (that’s also versatile enough to wear year-round): red and white nurse-themed earrings!

Iris Jane on Etsy has crafted quite a few adorable and affordable earrings just for nurses. Here are three of our favorite pairs:

Mommy’s Happy Pills Stud Earrings, $6:

’50s Nurse Hat Earrings, $5.25

Heart Beat Stud Earrings, $6

Love the look of red and white for Valentine’s Day? Get the same style (and match your new earrings!) with this cute red, white and black Dickies scrubs top.

Like black better? This Cherokee mock wrap top features red, pink, white and grey hearts…the perfect nod to the holiday!


What do you think: Would you wear earrings like these? Sound off in the comments below!

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2 Responses to Nurse bling: 3 adorable pairs of nurse-themed earrings

  1. Tattooedredhead

    I’d wear the heart beat earrings. I love them and I’d rock both shirts :)

  2. suzannelf

    I would wear the heart or nursing cap earrings and both scrub tops are great