Nurse cartoons – army nursing

Life as a nurse is sometimes funny. And sometimes it’s so UNfunny that you REALLY REALLY need something funny. So, do you need a laugh? We think the RX is nurse cartoons – the perfect way to poke fun at the lighter side of nursing (yes, there is one!)!


Dan Rosandich

Cartoonist Dan Rosandich has pursued full-time cartooning for over 34 years and has illustrated books, calendars, t-shirts, web pages, magazine covers, magazine articles, regional comic books, print advertising, greeting cards and more. His cartoons have been published in many of the New York Times bestseller series of books, Chicken Soup For The Soul. Rosandich also operates his own image licensing database which offers cartoons for reprint in PowerPoint and many more applications. Dan invites Scrubs readers to visit his cartoon collection.

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2 Responses to Nurse cartoons – army nursing

  1. Evelyn-BSN, ADN, RN

    Okay Sargent, Here’s the good news….
    …..the urine sample was the easy part of the testing

    Here’s the Bad News, Sarge…….
    I’m apologizing ahead of time. And Don’t Be Scared, I promise to make it short and sweet….

    Now what I need you to do is…..
    Bend Over and Cough!!!

  2. Karen kondratick