Nurse confessions! Part III

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On the heels of our wildly popular, somewhat controversial series Nurse Confessions, Part I and Part II, we bring you a sequel.

A recap: Did you ever play “Never have I ever…” back in college?

If you did, you know how absolutely inappropriate, revealing, and deliciously fun the game can be! Now you get to do again, but as a nurse. And with PURE anonymity.

We queried a range of nurses about their most secret confessions. Some are tame. Some are wild. Some are heartbreaking.

Click through, vote, and see how many other nurses have had the same experiences as you.

Never have I ever…

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5 Responses to Nurse confessions! Part III

  1. Jeffrey Bodurka

    HAHA! I love the fact that 100% of us up to this point in the survey have completely warped eating habits!!!!

  2. Ellen Algava

    No, I have not cursed a doctor out to his face. That compromises patient care. But I have answered a doc when he gave me his “captain of the ship” line. I told him, “Well, welcome to Bounty General Hospital, Dr. Blye. I’m Nurse Christian, may I pipe you aboard?” He never said it again.

  3. Takenya LaBriado

    funny stuff!!!

  4. Brenda Harper

    I have cursed a doctor to his face for being extremely rude to an elderly co-worker. However we did go into an empty room for this rudeness and by the time we were done yelling at each other we both ended up with the giggles over how stupid we sounded.

  5. Abby Student

    I’m sure that these stats are not even 100% accurate, what with people not being honest. It still shows a lot about the life of true nurses