Nurse Jackie poll: DNR means DNR

Nurse Jackie - Season 3

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Season 3, episode 2 (Enough Rope) recap: Jackie and Zoey chastise two EMTs for bringing in an old man who was dying in the park with a note attached to him stating that he is DNR.

The EMTs argue that they are obligated to resuscitate anyone who is reported to 911 by law.  Jackie tells them they should have broken the rules for this one. Take our poll:

Who do you think is right?

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2 Responses to Nurse Jackie poll: DNR means DNR

  1. Argy

    I guess I need to watch the episode, because it’s unclear who actually attached the note to him. From the synopsis of the rest of the episode, he did it himself, but in the moment in which he was being tended to by the EMT’s who was to tell?

  2. Julia Goolia

    That comment above sounds like it was written by an ER resident needing to get another intubation under his belt. I have often heard medics and docs use the old “It’s only temporary” line when referring to intubation and life sustaining treatment. Each case is different, and a stage 4 lung CA or a 90 y/o COPD-er is not going to be “temporary”. They are looking at complications, trach, peg and heartache for those left behind with only the memory of who that person WAS. People don’t declare themselves DNR without thought. It’s not a decision made on a whim, and we as healthcare professionals NEED to respect that. Put some effort into focusing on comfort and dignity of the patient and family.