Nurse Jackie Season 3 poll: Beating ’em to the punch

Season 3, episode 1 (“Game On”) recap: Jackie “preemptively” tells ER Administrator Gloria Akalitu that she’s been “leaning on painkillers” before Dr. O’Hara can.

Watch the video of the episode and take our poll!

Have you ever tried to circumvent a coworker by going straight to admin with a problem?

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2 Responses to Nurse Jackie Season 3 poll: Beating ’em to the punch

  1. Ellen Algava

    I would like to see Nurse Jackie get two choices: Rehab (hospital paid) of a pick slip. It’s about patient safety.

  2. Your name

    Nurse Jackie makes it look like impaired nursing is ok, i don’t say this with ignorance, I was a diverting nurse, and I was confronted by administration. That turned out to be the best day of my life, I thank god that I live in a state that has a peer assistance program, so I kept my license, and my employer worked with me, so I was able to keep my job