Nurse paintings worth a lot of money

Nurse in Hollywood | Richard Prince

A painting of a nurse by American artist Richard Prince recently sold for $6,466,500 at auction.

The painting, Nurse in Hollywood #4, was just one of 19 nurse paintings Prince created in the 2000s.

All are highly valued: Overseas Nurse sold for $8,467,258 in 2008.

The series was inspired by Prince’s massive collection of 1950s and 1960s pulp fiction books featuring naughty nurses.

Man Crazy Nurse | Richard Prince

The collection caused quite a stir during its original 2003 exhibition in New York. While nurses at the time fretted over the display (Slate magazine called Prince’s nurses ” ciphers of femininity: accessible yet forbidden, wholesome yet on intimate terms with strangers’ bodily fluids”), The Truth About Nursing ultimately gave the show 3 out of 4 stars for its representation of nursing.

Overseas Nurse | Richard Prince

Sandy Summers, RN, MSN, MPH of The Truth About Nursing wrote, “Interesting is the fact that the white-clad female nurses in these paintings are effectively gagged…Trapped in their oppressive clothes and our oppressive attitudes, the pulp nurses may reflect the continuing plight of nurses, and women generally.

The blood spots on their bodies are stigmatas of caring…Though it’s unlikely Prince intended it, it’s possible to see this exhibition as a harsh but constructive critique of nursing’s invisibility and a call to action.”

What do you think of Prince’s paintings?

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Jennifer Fink, RN, BSN

Jennifer is a professional freelance writer with over eight years experience as a hospital nurse. She has clinical experience in adult health, including med-surg, geriatrics and transplant; she also has a particular interest in women’s health and cancer care. Jennifer has written a variety of health and parenting articles for national publications.

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4 Responses to Nurse paintings worth a lot of money

  1. Beth

    I’m not sure I get the point of his paintings. All the nurses have masks on. It strikes me of someone who has issues with nurses. I don’t know his history, really I’ve never seen any of his work till now. No, I don’t like the image his work gives nurses.

  2. Kate

    I don’t care for the tabloid quality of his paintings. And, why no male nurses in the featured gallery? Also, I don’t care for the masks.

    • 4bdnfruit RN

      I believe his paintings reveal he has sexual fantasies regarding nurses…. and the fact that they wear masks …hmmmm maybe mommy issues!

  3. nikki RN

    It looks like a nurse obsession…!! Has he looked at nurses lately cause’ they barely look like that….most nurses don’t wear dresses nowadays, aren’t Caucasian, and aren’t all blond….even 10 years ago…!! Even the overseas nurse doesn’t look any different in his painting….it is clearly just some kind of fantasy looking at his “man crazy nurse”….!!! He portrays the nurses with masks on to make it seem like they don’t have a voice and a personnality and are like little slaves who will do whatever you ask them to…… No I do not like his paintings……maybe he should go to a hospital and be cared for by nurses and maybe that would make him change his delusional views of nurses…!!!

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