Nurse salaries 2014: What CNAs, LPNs, NPs, RNs and more are making this year!

nurse salary 2014

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In most workplaces, discussing salary is like talking about politics and religion: at best it’s impolite and to some it’s downright offensive. Still, knowing how your salary compares to that of other nurses can be extremely helpful.

Not only does the information satisfy curiosity, it also can be a crucial factor in your career planning. Are you making what you should compared to others with similar skill sets in your area? Is it time to look for better opportunities? Are you getting a great wage at your current position?

Well, we’re here to help you get those answers (no awkward conversations with your coworkers required!).

Over the next few pages you’ll see the median salary for a variety of different nursing positions. The information comes from, a site that constantly updates salary information as more respondents provide their actual nursing salaries. The charts here also will update automatically as new information is added, so you always have the most current stats available!

Note: These numbers come from nurses across the U.S., and salaries vary greatly from region to region and city to city. Additionally, some of the surveys have many more respondents than others, so keep this in mind as you begin looking at your competition.

Do these numbers stack up to the salaries you’ve seen in your area? Let us know in the comments below.



RN Salary by Years of Experience


CNA Salary by Years of Experience


LPN Salary by Years of Experience


Staff Nurse Salary by Years of Experience


Charge Nurse Salary by Years of Experience


Nurse Practitioner Salary by Years of Experience


Emergency Room Nurse Salary by Years of Experience


Operating Room Nurse Salary by Years of Experience


Psychiatric Nurse (RN) Salary by Years of Experience

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28 Responses to Nurse salaries 2014: What CNAs, LPNs, NPs, RNs and more are making this year!

  1. Sarz1066 Student

    I’d be more interested in seeing how my hourly rate compares considering we aren’t salary based where I work and I’m pretty sure most floor nurses and aids aren’t either. There are too many factors that can alter the yearly income such as FTE status, overtime, and premium pay for >8 hours. It’s neat to see the above numbers anyway.

    • catlvr4395

      To figure out the hourly rate on the salaries posted, divide by 52, then by 40.. the highest annual salary shown computes to an hourly rate of $28. I won’t be showing this article to my boss!

      • catlvr4395

        My mistake.. the highest salary listed for RNs is actually $31/hr

  2. nursemom29902 LPN

    I would like to know hourly also. Most jobs pay by the hour now. So many of us get paid depending on the patients insurance for home care. Also many of my peers work prn jobs which pay more due to no benefits.

  3. Stimpie

    Wow! Where Is this at? I have been an LPN for 3 years now and I am lucky to have a job..prn.

  4. Malenurse64

    I wish I could understand why the industry believes that LPN;
    A Are worth and
    B Will work for the sub par wages reflected in this article

    • lovepeds

      Would you mind clarifying this comment? It’s not clear if you are saying LPN’S aren’t worthy or if you are saying we are worth more than we are paid.

  5. lovepeds

    I would say this scale is right on; we all know it depends on demographics and setting.

  6. Mayesrn

    I live in Northern Alabama and do not make close to that. I am an Emergency room supervisor/ charge nurse with going on 9 years experience as a RN with a BSN and I broke $42,000 this year with working OT at least one day a week. Wow! I think I need a raise:-)

  7. ancientRN

    The salaries for RN’s with twenty or thirty years experience sounds marvelous doesn’t it??? Now, try to get hired. Ain’t happening! Most hospitals are boldly declaring that graduate nurses only need apply. I can’t find a job in a hospital if my life depended on it. What do you have to say about an occupation that is based on caring for others but won’t care for its own?

    • DCRandRN

      I’m in the same boat. I have close to 35 years of experience. I’ve been looking for a job 6 days a week for 3 1/2 months now. Sometimes I think that interviewing with a manager who was still in diapers when I was a new graduate has a lot to do with it. Also, I’ve been told by friends who know that facilities don’t want to hire the older nurse because they think older = takes more sick days, uses more insurance, can’t keep up the pace, haven’t kept up with what’s new etc.

      • bgbdmama

        No, dear….ageism is not that clear cut. What they really do not want is to have to PAY you for all those years of experience.

  8. army2rn

    Wow, this is strange. My first job out of nursing school I cracked 60k. After 3 years I moved to a new company, and the started me at 75k base. (36/hr). Most of my rn friends in the area are comparable, and a couple are close to 90k! These numbers seem really low to me.

    • apple98

      Hi Amy,

      Can you tell me what state/town you live in? I’m from PA and about to graduate. Thought these numbers seemed low from what I’m hearing, too.

  9. zunsyne

    As an LPN living and working in PA with seven + years experience, I consider myself blessed to be more than adequately compensated according to this scale more than an LPN with 20 years experience. Not including overtime, etc.

  10. LPNtogo

    As a five year LPN, I am happy to report that my salary in RI for 2013 was >$80,000

    • jrosainny LPN

      That just sounds crazy! What is the cost of living in RI then… ? And if you are making that then the RN’s are making 150,000$ I find that a little over the top.

  11. Wendee

    I have 34 years as a RN I work in step down vascular ICU. I agree it is a bit high range but you must look at the benefits also. I have been a PACU nurse 26 years before going to my present position. I also live in AR which it’s pay is one the lowest.

  12. MichelinaRN

    This article is way off. I live and work in NJ and new nurses start out at $27-$30 an hour. 20+ years experience gets a nurse well into $90,000 depending on specialty. Nurses in CA also make much more than listed here.

  13. tk1324

    An interesting study from Vickie Milazzo Institute found that nurses are overworked because of the doctor shortage as well as a general nurse shortage. Could this be the reason for the increase in pay? Just a thought.

    • kimmyac

      This seems about right. Keep in mind…this is an average. It varies greatly by state/area. I’m making less now than I was seven years ago..but I was in Alaska 7 years ago (higher pay, but also higher cost of living). I found this that shows state by state (but not categorized by years of experience).

  14. FreyjaRN

    A better breakdown of salaries by state can be found here: and there are links at the bottom that then connect you to further breakdowns by cities within those states.

    My advice to RNs with great experience who are having trouble finding jobs – don’t be afraid to apply to positions that are more administrative/educational in scope, even if the job posting states it requires an MSN. I applied for a job a few years ago that had been previously filled by a CNS, but I had fantastic experience and sold myself on the interview. Now I am making as RN what most of my NP colleagues make…and I do it with a salaried, M-F 9-5 job with no weekends, evenings, or holidays to work! Don’t ever be afraid to think outside the box and challenge your comfort zone!

  15. TheNurseyNurse

    Did anyone else read this and think… “I need a raise!”

  16. drchaz

    I live in Phoenix, AZ and only have 1 year of experience. I work in a long term/ skilled nursing facility and was hired @ 21.00/hr which equals 43,680 a year based upon 40/wk 52 weeks a year. I only work 32/hrs/wk so my avg salary is much lower at 34,944.

  17. bflag

    Wow. I’m an RN (22 years) and I would not work for any of these salaries. I was making $85k a year 10 years ago working 3 12’s a week with an occasional OT shift. I have made as much as $125k a year and know nurses that have done even better than that, putting in the hours.
    My key is following the money via travel contracts or whatever but Always perdiem. You are better off providing your own benefits and taking every dollar per hr you can get.

  18. Wendee

    I have been a nurse for 34 years and I live in the Fort Smith, AR I don’t make this even hourly. I feel these wages are blown out of proportion. I work as CV step down staff nurse. I took a big cut coming from PACU but hours are terrible. Even with insurance applied I do not make this. What’s wrong with our society when we pay entertainers more than Nurses, Firefighters and police????

  19. EmilyS

    Thank you for the comments. Interesting to see the variety of answers. How the data was collected doesn’t seem that accurate so even better that people have replied. Payscale’s data is from voluntary reporting. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has some data, but it’s not broken out to be of much use. Thank you again.