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Nurse to know: 5 inspiring Instagram pics from Nurse Nacole

Nurses, let’s talk about a topic that’s been on our collective mind at Scrubs: Community.

We built this incredible, beautiful universe of nurses because we believe every nurse needs to have a strong network of nursing colleagues to vent to, laugh with and relate to, both at and outside of work. Nothing makes us happier than seeing a conversation take place around a particularly hot topic or witnessing relationships forming between nurses who share similar experiences. We. Absolutely. Love. It.

We want to continue to grow this community and help nurses make connections with other equally awesome nurses. One such nurse we think everyone should become friends with immediately is Nacole Riccaboni. Nurse Nacole is a critical care nurse who is also attending school to receive a DNP in family and adult acute care. She caught our attention by being inspirational, insightful and hilarious as she posts her daily adventures in nursing on her personal social networking sites. We’re highlighting some of our favorite recent Instagram posts from Nacole below:

Pass me the popcorn! #nursestruggle #nurse #nursing #clinicals #RN   A photo posted by Nurse Nacole (@nursenacole) on

Be kind. A photo posted by Nurse Nacole (@nursenacole) on

What do you give your preceptor on the last of your OB clinical rotation? An ovary and uterus, duh! @iheartguts A photo posted by Nurse Nacole (@nursenacole) on

(PS: We highly suggest you follow her, like, yesterday by clicking here.)


Nacole Riccaboni

Nacole Riccaboni BSN, RN is a critical care nurse living in Orlando, Fla. She currently is in school for her Doctor of Nursing Practice in family and adult acute care. Nacole, also known as Nurse Nacole, has a YouTube channel with more than a million views. The Nurse Nacole channel provides advice and tips for prospective, new and current nurses. Nacole also shares daily nursing tips and tools for bedside nursing success at

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