Nurses sue for skipped meals

A class action lawsuit has been filed by 700 workers from University of Pittsburgh Medical Center hospitals and West Penn Allegheny Health System for unpaid wages related to overtime work and skipped lunch breaks.

The two health systems “have systemically cheated their employees out of millions of dollars of pay,” attorney Nelson Thomas said at a news conference Wednesday. (The Pittsburgh Channel)

Has it become the norm for nurses to work overtime or skip meals to tend to patients?  Take our poll or tell us at

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One Response to Nurses sue for skipped meals

  1. Diana Hughes

    After working as an RN in the hospital setting for 18 years, most of which has been in the ICU setting, I have to say that there have been very few times that I have actually been able to take a lunch time. Most of meals have been skipped or has entailed taking a bite and “running” back out to care for patients because there is no one who can be accountable for 4 patients in the ICU, and your patients are ultimately your responsibility while you are on the clock. There has been one hospital that I have worked in that was required by the labor board and/or JACHO to submit records showing that nurses received their lunch time and their patients were covered by another nurse. To abide by the ruling the hospital printed up assignment sheets and breaktimes. At the beginning of the shift everyone had to sign the sheet to “cover” patients. Ultimately, this just became a sheet of paper that had to be filled out and nurses continued to worked durining their lunch time. How can this ever be fixed when you are working short, and nurses continue to be compliant?

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