Nursing that so-called diet of yours

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The thing I love about being a nurse is our can-do problem solving attitude. Whenever a problem presents itself on the job we find a way around it, over it or through it. No matter how big or how small the problem, we always find a way to meet the needs of our patients.

We selflessly sacrifice our time, our energy and our effort for the good of our patients day in and day out.

I wonder why we nurses can’t find that same kind of attitude when it comes to improving our own health?

I see and hear so many nurses say:

“I’m on a new diet”

“I’ll start my new diet tomorrow”

“I guess I’ll be starting my diet over again tomorrow”

” Next year is my year”

These quips always come right before or after we cave in and have that sweet tasting treat of some sort (and the holidays are full of them). We have such a hard-@ss attitude about doing our job and advocating for our patients but then when it comes to standing our ground about our food choices we get lax.

I wish I had the answer, since we tend to take care of ourselves last. We put our job, our patients, and our family before us. But if we continue to let our health decline – there won’t be any ‘us’ around long enough to keep making a difference!

We’re given the tremendous responsibility to educate and inform our patients on healthy life choices through proactive health maintenance, yet we fail to follow our own words.

Throw those darn diets out the door! Start advocating for yourself and your health! We all KNOW the benefits of improved health, I think it’s time we started practicing what we preach.

Ultimately the weight loss battle is fought and won with the proper mind set and attitude. Anyone have any good tips on how your fellow nurse can adapt their own can-do kick-@ss ‘take no prisoners’ attitude about their health?

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7 Responses to Nursing that so-called diet of yours

  1. Jen, RN

    We were JUST talking about this at work the other day. We ruin our health, our schedules, and our families, in order to take care of strangers. The 3 of us in the conversation each had a myriad of health, physical, emotional, and family issues we were tackling and work had a lot to do with it. If we had normal work schedules we’d be more rested and not so cranky to our significant other. If we actually saw our kids we’d be a lot happier. We were suggesting to each other: “you need to take some time off,” and none of us wanted to hear it, using excuses like “but I’m already scheduled OT” or “the unit will be short if I don’t work that day.” When do you get to say that taking care of yourself is more important?

  2. Sean Dent Scrubs Blogger

    @Jen sooner or later your health WILL become your priority. You get to choose on who’s terms. My hope is that we start making it one.

  3. Rachel

    I try to take good care of myself, especially since I work graveyard. I eat balanced portions, no fried foods, lots of fruits and veggies, lean proteins and limit sweets. I have spent the last year working really hard to lose weight and balance myself out. As I have done this my coworkers have taken notice. They used to joke and call me a ‘health nut’ and other various titles. They would ask ‘how’s your diet going?’ I ALWAYS respond it’s not a diet it’s a life change. I say this because diet sounds so short term. Real heath is a life long journey and struggle, especially at 3 in the morning when the ‘afternoon’ drag hits :) Through this journey this year I have lost about 12 pounds and balanced my hormones, all while working graves, being a mom, and wife. IT hasn’t been easy but with the help of wonderful coworkers, friends, and a wonderful husband it’s been possible. That’s how I am an example to my coworkers, even if they tease :)

  4. Rachel

    Oh and Jen, you’re in charge. Never let your work rule your life. They hired you, and as long as you’re doing a good job they will continue to keep you there. You and your family should ALWAYS come first. Besides how can you (and your coworkers) take quality care of your patients if you’re burned out? You’re worth it!!

  5. Sean Dent Scrubs Blogger

    @ Rachel Thank you for sharing your story, a shining example of what we all should strive for. Congratulations on your success!!

  6. Natascha

    Maybe for some of us (myself included) it helps to remind yourself that if you do not take care of yourself, then you will become the patient in the bed with all the health problems. So, make time for yourself now, before it becomes a serious issue.

  7. Sean Dent Scrubs Blogger

    @ Natasha well said.