Quiz: Do you know your medical symbols?

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Do you know the difference between a caduceus and the Cup of Hygieia? Or the Rx and the Staff of Asklepios?

You may have been a nurse for a decade, but do you know where these historical symbols come from?

Test your savvy (then get some answers!) with our three minute quiz.

This symbol incorporates a serpent wrapped around a stick.

Staff of AsklepiosThe Staff of Asklepios is the international symbol of medicine.

Staff of AsklepiosThe United States commonly uses the Staff of Asklepios as their symbol for medicine.

What does the Bowl (or Cup) of Hygieia look like?

What organizations use the Bowl (or Cup) of Hygieia as a symbol?

CadeceusWhere did the caduceus come from?

The Rx symbol comes from which Roman god?

The caduceus is two snakes entwined around which god's staff?

Askelpios is the ancient Greco-Roman god of:

Nurses commonly uses what symbol to represent their noble endeavor?



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7 Responses to Quiz: Do you know your medical symbols?

  1. Ruth Podador Moreno

    Nice to be updated with such kind of INFORMATION. Thank you so much!

  2. Shawnee LPN

    The last paragraph is hilarious!

  3. Renea Cotham

    9 out of 10 — Not too shabby!!!

  4. Nora

    Boo! I did better on the micro test (7/10) than this one (3/10). It is very interesting though. And I do like mythology.

  5. sdieudonne

    Wow! 5 out of 10-not bad!!!!!

  6. Kelly

    Interesting test and history, however, I think the answer to question 5 is incorrect. The Bowl (or Cup) of Hygieia is NOT used by the American Nurses Association as its symbol. The ANA quite clearly uses a modern lamp design as its defining symbol. I believe the APA does use it as their symbol.

  7. Cristina

    got 6 out of 1=not bad @ all????