Quiz: Should you work the night shift?

Some nurses are made for the night shift. For instance, are your fangs tingling just thinking about it? Take this hilarious quiz and see how close you come to being the perfect night-shift nurse.

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2 Responses to Quiz: Should you work the night shift?

  1. neonghost7 Student

    Hahaha. I scored nearly perfect for a and c. I already work night shift. Have for 4 years now. Less stress and drama (from coworkers since I primarily either work alone or with only one other person). I don’t have to deal with the petty arguments or day shift fights. Plus, everyone likes me since I am never around for them to argue with. They see me as soon as I come in and they leave and when they come in for an hour or two before I leave. I am usually in a great mood at the end of my shift because I get to go home so it all works out for me. Sure, I have no social life and most people don’t think I even exist but it is worth it to be stress and drama free.