Registered nurse is a ‘Hot Job’ for 2014

Fuse | ThinkStock

Fuse | ThinkStock

Registered nursing holds a top spot on the just-released “2014 Hot Jobs List” from Randstad US.

The list from the staffing organization compiles jobs from across all industries that have a bright employment outlook for the rest of this year. Registered nurses, pharmacists and medical assistants are singled out as particularly “hot” job titles in the Nursing and Allied Health industry.

“Nursing continues to be a profession for which there is very strong demand; demand that will only increase in both the short- and long-term future.” said Steve McMahan, President of Randstad Healthcare, in a statement. “This is not only due to healthcare reform, but also due to the chronic and growing nursing shortage, the aging population, as well as technology advancements which have led to an increase in available medical procedures.”

The list includes statistics indicating why RNs have earned a spot on the list, including a $66,000 median salary and a 5.0 job-to-candidate ratio. The article also cites a recent CareerBuilder report stating there are 878,000 active job openings in the field.

In-demand skills for RN job seekers include electronic medical records and documentation skills, and OR and ICU experience.

Despite these positive numbers, there are still many stories of nurses being unable to find employment. Do you share this positive view? Is this a sign of recovery in our economy? Tell your story in the comments below.

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4 Responses to Registered nurse is a ‘Hot Job’ for 2014

  1. Nursemeg17

    I was very fortunate to to find a job at a hospital as a student nurse whole in school, which worked out perfectly as it came time to transition into my RN position. Unfortunately, I can’t say all of my classmates have had the the same luck!

  2. Sillyice22

    I’d like advice on rebuilding your career after dealing with a substance abuse disorder. My Lisence was never involved, but I deal cause myself much grief over several jobs before I could even admit to having a problem. As a geriatric LTC RN, I’m also wondering how you go about changing specialties. I love the elderly, and hands on care, but I fear feeling like an alcoholic tending bar. I am well, but once an addict, always an addict…. I really need advice on how to proceed. Thank you!

  3. Amharrison

    I’m a recent graduate of a healthcare informatics program with past experience as a registered nurse and am having a hard time finding work. I’ve posted my resume on numerous sites with no contacts yet. Does anyone have any suggestions?

  4. Zoaea RN

    I’draduated back in 2008 with my asn, I assumed my school would help place me at their hospital as that is why I had chosen them. However they cut that program the term before my graduation. I had worked as a student tutor during school as the med tech spots were scarce so I had no tech connections to draw on. I feel like it is misleading to say how easy it is to find jobs as a nurse (rn) and students should be warned to make connections in school to get a job after and that if you don’t work as a tech you are unlikely to even get call backs on your applications.

    I have my BSN now and after working in retail for 2 years after graduation (minimum wage) I finally moved from Florida to Washington State. Here in WA the economy seems healthy, and I’ve worked as a home health rn for 2 years. I get paid dismally and my job is a joke. I wanted to be a nurse to help others like I was helped as a child. Note when applying for “real” rn jobs the hospital considers my experiance as null. Entry level spots won’t consider me because it says 2008 next to my degree and spots requesting at least one year exp tell me to apply to new grad poisons. I’m stuck in limbo, I’d pay my own cost for hospital training if only they made that an option. =(