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The Nurse's GuideTo Softer Hands

In an ongoing search for help with dry hands (you know what we're talking about), we asked the Nurse Power Panel* to try out RestoreTM Nitrile Exam Gloves for one week. Below are the results from the 77 nurses who participated and a few must-read Scrubs articles for your hands.

The Test:

BEFORE Restore Nitrile Gloves:

74% of participants experienced skin issues on their hands several times each week and 96% said that their hands do not feel soft at work.

AFTER Restore Nitrile Gloves:

78% of participants reported that their hands feel soft at work and 84% are content with the state of their hands at work. Win!

Verdict: 92% Of Participants Recommend Restore Nitrile Gloves.

What Nurses Are Saying:

“They are coated with colloidal oatmeal. The oatmeal leaves hands feeling softer after use.”

“These gloves leave my hands feeling so soft after each use. I saved time and money on expensive lotions because I found myself not needing them since the first use of Restore Nitrile Gloves.”

“I have to say I was impressed! It is likely that I would use my own money for a supply of these type of gloves.”

“It has been four days since I last had the Restore Nitrile Gloves on and my hands are still really soft.”

“Like a mini spa for your hands.”

Must-read Articles:

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