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100 years of nursing rules: Illustrated!


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6 Responses to 100 years of nursing rules: Illustrated!

  1. carolslee1949

    Quite a few years ago, nurse friend got on an elevator and the man, obviously a physician, said to her, “Haven’t you ever heard of ‘doctors before nurses'”? She responded with, “Haven’t you ever heard of ‘ladies before gentlemen'”?

  2. Nocturnal8

    If you were sitting and charting it was expected for you to give the Dr your chair

  3. Judy Sexton

    I started nursing in 1967 you did stand up for the doctor, you walked behind him and carried the charts for rounds.Youwore a completly white uniform with whitJe hoes and shoes.You wore your school pin and hat.Hardly anything was disposible and you had to sterilelize equipmet and mix tube feedings in the diet kitchen.Just a little about the good ole days/

  4. bmck97004

    The illustration of the nurse standing when a Dr. walks in (which is what I was taught to do…) has a major error – we would have NEVER been allowed to have our hair that long, hanging down across our collar!

  5. Grammy

    Also in the 1970’s you had metal bedpans to empty,and take into a small room to dump and sterilize and take back to the patient.

  6. Franny G

    I have been in Nursing since 1959 and have a number of stories to share. Let’s start here: Who remembers the use of Wangasteen suction?
    Who carried hemostats and bandage scissors?
    Who still uses these instruments?
    How many remember Zolights?
    Who remembers using a Pneumatic Tube System?
    What was the temperature supposed to be for a Sitz bath?
    Who wore an apron as part of their student uniform?
    How ere Patients with MI’s treated then?
    What color tennis shoes did nurses use in those days?