Scrubs caption contest! – April 16, 2012

Last Week’s Winner
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“This is what two doubles and 14 cups of coffee will do to you! Wheeeee… I’m super nurse!”

– submitted by Lauren

This Week’s Contest – April 16, 2012

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What’s your best caption? Leave it in our comments. Be sure to check back next week when we pick the winner!

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19 Responses to Scrubs caption contest! – April 16, 2012

  1. tat2drn RN

    you are sooooo going to win this Halloween costume contest

  2. Lisaandandy RN

    Your NOT gonna pull out THIS IV.

  3. Darlene RN

    The cleaner the better, but just in case…I’m prepared!!!

  4. StormRavn

    Wow! Great job, but I only cut my finger!

  5. mssjez

    I love that I have a job because people act stupid…

  6. hmercier

    “Ok, no more jumping through rings of fire…”

  7. AJ

    Mr. Smith, you have 2nd degree burns on 97% of your body, NO you can’t unwrap your hand so you can go outside and smoke.

  8. kendra1985 LVN

    This is what happens when your mean pt. we want to inmobilize you in our dreams

  9. shaneclower RN

    I have to do this dressing change how many times a shift?!?!

  10. Smithteamracing RN

    BID dressing changes…..No problem….Doctor.

  11. denise7006 RN

    If he complains one more time that I’m not doing it like the last nurse this is going right over his mouth!

  12. RainCrzy RN

    ok, just don’t look at anyone and walk straight to the vending machines….the charge nurse will never know you took a break!

  13. Nursingmom26 Student

    This is how you practice safe sex! 😀

  14. tishabenn RN

    Nurse: You won’t be able to text for a while.
    Patient: I figured that out as soon as you wrapped my phone up in my hand.

  15. ZenGirl926 LPN

    Mummy said there would be days like this!!

  16. MsLisaH Caption Contest

    Would now be a bad time to tell you I need to pee?

  17. UtstudentRN Student

    Are you really, I mean really sure that this is the best way to welcome the new Egyptian Cardiologist to the hospital staff?

  18. Louise

    OH O I think I forgot to put down my french fry

  19. KimmyK

    ” I guess you won’t be walking down the hall with your gown open now!”

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