Scrubs caption contest! – April 18, 2011

Last Week’s Winner

nurse caption contest April 11, 2011

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“I wonder how long I have to stand here to justify the billing?”

– submitted by Betty Spangle

This Week’s Contest – April 18, 2011

nurse caption contest April 18, 2011

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What’s your best caption? Leave it it in our comments. Be sure to check back next week when we pick the winner!

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35 Responses to Scrubs caption contest! – April 18, 2011

  1. Doctor’s nightmare=Nurses’s strike.

  2. Pat

    “I wish I’d have been nicer to those nurses now!!!!”

  3. Shannon Laux

    Doctors….will send a patient having a heart attack home, but look who’s here at the first sign of a cold………….

  4. That last healthcare bill scared me to death!

  5. Rufus J.

    Oh No!, Did he just say “Enemas are his specialty?”

  6. carolyn yoder

    “Maybe if my wife thinks i came home sick from work, i ‘ll get some much needed TLC- those ER nurses are just too hard on me.”

  7. megan

    The real reason he won’t answer his page.

  8. Lisa Marie

    ..last thing I remember I was in the bushes with Mary Ann from across the street playing doctor before nap time…how long have I been sleeping..where are all my toys?…what is this hair here….

  9. vicki

    Does he think he is a Doctor… Oh yes he was a Psychologist… Well what seems to be his problem … Identity theft he dont know who he is….

  10. Alicia Burns

    Don’t page me, don’t page me… oh not AGAIN!

  11. zenaida de velez-ruidera

    Doctor on call?Can we wake him up now?

  12. Kim Cade

    That’s what I get for jumpin’ on the bed!!

  13. Angela

    This might get me some attention from the nurses!

  14. valerie

    Helloooooooo, nurse!

  15. Dana Williams

    I can never remember, is it starve a fever feed a cold or feed a fever starve a cold?

  16. Lori

    Me?? No, I NEVER forget to wash my hands!

  17. Martha

    Oh boy! My insurance company will probably “doc” me for this.

  18. Sharon Kindell

    The real reason he is called Dr. Flash! Lab coat on rack, check, Stethescope on floor, check, Shoes at the foot of the bed, check….dang, I’m still wearing my head-lamp!

  19. Amy Popies

    I hope the nurses don’t notice that I wrote the order on my chart for sponge bath TID…

  20. Debra Rayas

    Acute febrile illness of unknown origin versus polypharmacy.

  21. Kathi Nutty

    “Who do I call for a note for work?”

  22. Jennifer

    “Hmmm, where is that darn call light???”

  23. Got stress and sick giving and writing orders earlier doc?…don’t worry,one of your nurses is rushing on your side to render TLC,but first needs your order pls!

  24. Diane

    I forgot to turn the beeper off vibrate…. AGAIN !!!

  25. Debbi

    aarrgh, I wonder what’s wrong with me… wish I still did home visits!

  26. Tricia Ichtertz

    No! More ER patients tonight!!!

  27. Janet Miller

    Nurse….I know this is the only bed left in the hospital. Just wake me up when the new admission gets here and we can trade places.

  28. Ruth McKnight

    There, I have filled the last bed…now can we put the hospital on diversion?

  29. Ruth McKight RN

    There, I have filled the last bed…now please no more admits!

  30. Michelle

    Your hands are COLD!

  31. Michelle

    Maybe if I offer to get paid less, they’ll buy longer sheets? Oh, ha-ha, I crack myself up!

  32. Kelly Allison RN

    Diagnosis Man Cold

  33. Amy

    The patients are right these beds are uncomfortable!

  34. Jessica Cole

    “Boy I wish I was nicer on the phone all those nights….I know they are going to bring in the BIG needle!”

  35. dunnmichelle APN