Scrubs Caption Contest! – April 29, 2013

Last Week’s Winner

“We don’t need no stinking gloves!”

– submitted by Marge Donoghue via Facebook

This Week’s Contest – April 29, 2013

What’s your best caption? Leave it in our comments. Be sure to check back next week when we pick the winner!

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8 Responses to Scrubs Caption Contest! – April 29, 2013

  1. alnicho

    “Let’s see.. strong pulse, nicely dressed and no wedding ring! He’s is mine!

    • alnicho

      “Let’s see..strong pulse, nicely dressed and no wedding ring…He is mine!”

      (fixed my typos..apologies)

  2. cinlou

    Are you sure this is your hand?

  3. dborsich

    That hand will be good as new in about a week, Dr Frankenstein.


    Nurse: Can you tell me what’s brought you in today.

    Man: I’m concerned about my hand.

    Nurse: And what is it about your hand that is making you concerned.

    Man: There’s no ring. There’s supposed to be a ring right?

  5. cms2000

    While he is distracted by my beauty, he won’t feel a thing.

  6. ladofthelochs

    …they….these, these look like dishpan hands….sir, may I call over the other student nurses to have a look…..

  7. jpsorrell

    “Let’s see, although this is my first time, I am pretty sure this is your vein and not your artery,” the nurse says almost under her breathe, “but just in case, I have the tissue ready.”