Scrubs caption contest! – February 20, 2012

Last Week’s Winner

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““I’m sorry you lost your sunglasses, but I can’t stand here all day keeping the sun out of your eyes!””

– submitted by riconnaissance

This Week’s Contest – February 20, 2012

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What’s your best caption? Leave it in our comments. Be sure to check back next week when we pick the winner!

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24 Responses to Scrubs caption contest! – February 20, 2012

  1. anken74 LPN

    “Okay ladies! The first one to find the keys to the tank will get the afternoon off!”

  2. poorruss RN

    Wow! These colon polyps make terrific bait!

  3. Leeza Caption Contest

    Not only do we have no time to eat on our shift, now they want us to catch our own lunch!

  4. mbl1045 Caption Contest

    How are we ever going to get enough Omega 3 for our patients.

  5. transyrn RN

    I know it’s Lent, but sending us out to catch Friday’s lunch is ridiculous!

  6. trishrn

    We have a full census and we’re supposed to bring lunch?!? Start catching!!!

  7. vimaar

    I guess that smell really IS fish.

  8. 805FutrNurse CNA

    “I hope we don’t catch Hepatitis A.”

  9. Sandy RN

    Come on girls! There is more than one way to catch a doctor!

  10. Connie Rn Caption Contest

    Before fish oil tablets were on the market…..

  11. zosiapaw

    Who would of thought prn nurses get to fish off the hospital dock?

  12. Adamsmomworking

    I really have to pee!

  13. CDCNurse

    Always fishing for a diagnosis…

  14. mackbabe911

    Hey ladies, forget THIS!! Let’s go to McDonald’s! It’s “FILET-O-FISH FRIDAY”!!!!

  15. musicinme


  16. gemini000 RN

    but i signed up for the peace corps with the condos and swimming pools….

  17. cdixonrn

    Teach a nurse to fish and you can feed a whole hospital.

  18. ellekc Caption Contest

    We have to ‘fish’ for our own leeches?!

  19. jazz_prudens it our way to catch a cold?


    “Pharmacy in the pass”…… Physican’s order reads…catch leeches and place on ….

  21. japmep LPN

    Poor Sally, the doctor didn’t really mean for her to jump in the river. Come on girls we have to find her, she still has the med keys!

  22. jparadisirn

    Dammit. Are you SURE you dropped the med cart keys here?

  23. magadanrn RN

    IF I agree to work the weekend can we stop and go home?

  24. Trudy RN

    Are you sure this is what they meant when they said “To find the answers, you should go phishing”?