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Scrubs caption contest! – January 7, 2013

Last Week’s Winner


“Kiss my ruffled @–.”

– submitted by Bonny

This Week’s Contest – January 7, 2013


What’s your best caption? Leave it in our comments. Be sure to check back next week when we pick the winner!

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5 Responses to Scrubs caption contest! – January 7, 2013

  1. umpire87

    “It’s okay, sir. Everyone misses the bedpan from time-to-time.”

  2. rockinrobinrn

    Awww….it’s okay, Mr. Smith. You can always come back when you get sick again!

  3. tracylev Caption Contest

    It won’t be that bad. They say triplets are 3 times as fun as one baby.


    Im sorry to have to do this sir, although it won’t hurt near as bad as when you see the Proctologist this afternoon.

  5. TFreeman

    Mr. Jones you really should’ve asked more questions about how a colonoscopy works.