Scrubs caption contest! – January 9, 2012

Last Week’s Winner
scrubs caption contest

“Finally, I can hear myself think!”

– submitted by obnurse

This Week’s Contest– January 9, 2012

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23 Responses to Scrubs caption contest! – January 9, 2012

  1. Kathy96

    I hope I dont get billed for this. I was just resting on mothers bed while she was getting tests run.

  2. Jennreminder RN

    He had a paper cut, I wanted to make sure it was covered.

  3. nolegirl96

    Oh my gauze! Who needs clothes?!

  4. Nurse Rene RN

    The ‘gauze’ outfit would make a great Project Runway challenge!

  5. terri1033

    Class, this is how you do a kling wrap dressing.

  6. terrygillen1 Caption Contest

    Yep, they let a student nurse do my dressing change!

  7. PinkScrubs

    All I said was “semi-occlusive.”

  8. terrygillen1 Caption Contest

    Holy dressing change, Batman!

  9. Connie Rn Caption Contest

    See what happens when you don’t restock the isolation cart.

  10. supernrse01

    Did you say dressing changes Q2??

  11. Imanurse

    OK,OK! I’ll quit calling out for things I can do for myself!

  12. mywizofoz RN

    Wait…Am I the ghost of nurses past? … or the ghost of nurses in the future?

  13. mywizofoz RN

    Wait! Am I the ghost of nurses past? or the ghost of nurses in the future?

  14. NurseArtist

    Oh My God! When she told me she wanted to practice bandaging, I didn’t know it meant becoming a mummy!

  15. Rose94SA

    But…but…but… this was supposed to be a simple surgical procedure!

  16. Yvonne RN

    He did the mash……..he did the MONSTER mash……….

  17. avelolyn

    The student nurse was just so nice, and I didn’t want to hurt her feelings. she was doing such a good job!

  18. srodriguez205 RN

    “Can someone get me pair of trauma shears? Now!”

  19. nurseRenae

    But I just came in with a tummy ache!!!!

  20. laura00seven LPN

    Ok this is Gary a transfer from the PACU. He had an appendectomy earlier this morning and has been stable. Also the OR says they are sorry, but they had 6 boxes of sterile kling that expire by the end of the day so all the post-ops are gonna look like this.

  21. Karenrae77 LPN

    I promise to stop stealing the bandage scissors!

  22. Bebe RN

    HONEST!!! I didn’t know it was the last donut.

  23. pollyspasoff

    “Now, right before you go in the room put on a mask and gloves and you are ready for that lactulose, kayexalate and c-diff bed change!”