Scrubs caption contest! – July 19, 2010

July 19, 2010

Image: Jupiterimages | liquidlibrary | © Getty Images

What’s your best caption? Leave it it in our comments. Be sure to check back next week when we pick the winner!

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25 Responses to Scrubs caption contest! – July 19, 2010

  1. Marcella Rigsbee LPN

    The caption for this photo should read, “I swear to GOD I’m going to take this stethoscope, wrap it around that (insert coworker’s or physician’s name) neck, & SQUEEZE if (insert name again) doesn’t shut up!!!!”

  2. “I’d like to give her more than just a little cheese with that whine!”

  3. Jeffrey Bodurka

    OK I will not show you it again but it really does only listen to your chest and has nothing to do with a voodoo spell that the doctor wants to put on you.

  4. Jennifer Arroyo

    Stethoscope Bondage the latest nursing craze and yes there is an app for that!!!

  5. Jeffrey Bodurka

    How much longer is this doctor going to pretend to fiddle with this patients chest before he realizes that his stethoscope isn’t around his neck.

  6. 1 one thousand…. breathe, 2 one thousand……I will do no harm…Oh! You’re done chewing me out for something I had no control over?? “I’m sorry you had such a negative experience, we will have a better night tonight.. Sorry please excuse me I’m getting an emergency page.”

  7. Maureen Evers

    Your stethoscope Doctor? No, I haven’t seen your stethoscope.

  8. Why do doctors have to make their rounds right when my shift starts and I need to assess my patients?

  9. theresa young

    If I don’t keep this in my hands it will be around that drs. neck!

  10. Norma

    Mrs. Smith would like a back masage, foot massage, toe nails clipped, and a cup of ginsing tea before you start your rounds please.

  11. Norma

    Oh Doctor, what great toys you have.

  12. Kathleen

    The last time I let a Doctor Green borrow my stethoscope He never returned it . Well guess what Doctor Green I got it now!

  13. *thinks to herself*

    “grr should I strangle you now or later”

  14. Jennifer Quiring

    I swear, if that Dr. screams ONE MORE TIME, “Who has this patient!!”….*grrr*

  15. Jeffrey Bodurka

    As you can see by this demonstration, if we attach an additional set of arms to the nurses back as shown, they will be able to address 2 patients at a time.

  16. Sharon

    (Repeating to herself), I will not strangle the doctor, I will not strangle the doctor.

  17. Alisha Lopez RN

    Why No, Dr. I haven’t seen your stethoscope. Sure, I will get right to trying to find it. No, it’s ok, my 8 patients can wait while I go find your stethoscope!

  18. It is never safe to loan a Doctor your stethoscope.

  19. Doris

    With out your stethoscope you are useles, bwa ha ha ha ! (Evil laugh and thunder).

  20. Rachel T

    Controversial? Yes. But Nurse Croft swore by her “Surprise Auscultation” technique. No one ever saw it coming.

  21. Debi Campbell

    This is the only stretching exercise I get. Stethescopes are multifunctional.

  22. Catherine

    It’s either I hide my stethoscope so she thinks I don’t have it, and in doing so won’t be able to borrow it, or tell her that I have some type of mutated ear infection.

  23. Robin Huffines

    I will show restraint.& I will not open my mouth to say what I think.. I will, I will show restraint.1,2,3,4, (counting to 10)

  24. John

    Ever feel like a day at work is like getting an autistic child off of the roof? Try these new finger exercises by Littman, they promote calmness, tranquility, and help you smile your cares away.

  25. Bonnita

    First day of clinical experience and Janey is already wondering how she is going to survive the semester with the Dragon Lady…