Scrubs caption contest! – July 9, 2012

Last Week’s Winner

Image via flickr

“No Doctor, I will not pick up your dry cleaning.”

– submitted by Nurse Fernplanter

This Week’s Contest – July 09, 2012

Image via flickr

What’s your best caption? Leave it in our comments. Be sure to check back next week when we pick the winner!

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27 Responses to Scrubs caption contest! – July 9, 2012

  1. nrschel

    Poor thing, looks just like his parents.

  2. RayofSun RN

    Is that poop? …That can’t be poop?

  3. lhardman Caption Contest

    “You are getting sleepy….sleepy….”

  4. mommick

    Another basket with a baby, where do these things come from?

  5. Dee Caption Contest

    What a doll baby!

  6. roscoe530

    they said to shake and dry the baby.

  7. angienurse35 Caption Contest

    And if you are REALLY lucky, you can be a nurse too someday!

  8. shan@molly

    the tag says ” do not to line dry”

  9. reptilechick Caption Contest

    “Don’t drop the baby, don’t drop the baby…”

  10. reptilechick Caption Contest

    “Lets see…. the round bolt goes in the square hole, the spring in the socket…..”

  11. reptilechick Caption Contest

    Our new and improved durable wire baskets will provide new mothers a great way to show off their newborn!

  12. reptilechick Caption Contest

    New wire basket invention allows new moms to haul both their newborns and laundry in one easy to carry load!

  13. reptilechick Caption Contest

    Our new durable all in one laundry basket and hanger can also double as an infant carseat!

  14. bbygrlchristie LPN

    It’s 3a.m. Do you know where your mommy is? she’s sleeping!

  15. cazznmaxx RN

    Oh baby, don’t be afraid of this strange cap or dress.

  16. elliebellyRN RN

    You say your mother had a labor epidural and it’s only fair that you should have one for your circumcision tomorrow……..?

  17. rnrsc77 RN

    If I have to lift one more of these “baby cages”, my back will go out for sure!

  18. sdehart RN


  19. grannysn RN

    Oh boy. You’re going to do some laundry with me!

  20. ndavison Caption Contest

    After this one goes home, we can have our laundry basket back.

  21. gemini000 RN

    When do we get to work with real babies?? These dolls dont do much!!!

  22. Emisor12

    No, you did not see me hit my head on the top iron bar…. no you did not…no no no

  23. HavasuRN

    For the last time…. The laundry hamper is NOT a bassinet!!

  24. leescott10 RN

    No, I will NOT give you the name of the Doctor that circumsized you…

  25. terrygillen1 Caption Contest

    15 hours of labor….You will hear about this for the rest of your life, Kid!

  26. terrygillen1 Caption Contest

    I put my foot in my mouth this time, didn’t I Little One? I really should just congratulate new parents and stop asking them if they’re ‘going to keep it’.

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