Scrubs caption contest – June 28, 2010

June 28, 2010

Image: Hemera | Thinkstock

Image: Hemera | Thinkstock

What’s your best caption? Leave it it in our comments. Be sure to check back next week when we pick the winner!

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20 Responses to Scrubs caption contest – June 28, 2010

  1. “YA” when I was hired they said “some overtime” available, nothing about it being manditory?

  2. Kim Noeske

    What night nurses do on their shift!

  3. Kim

    sleep, white uniforms, a moment off our feet? We MUST be dreamin…

  4. vicki

    who’s watching the patients?

  5. anita jones

    OMG, instead of that cafeteria decaff, we need a double shot of Jolt to work the 12 hour shifts

  6. Duane

    WHY did we do a day shift????

  7. Kathleen

    Sleep !!!! Just what the Doctor ordered .

  8. Administration realized that switching to decaffeinated was NOT a brilliant idea.

    (other than that, I don’t know whose fantasy this is, we don’t have time to sit, we sleep standing up!)

  9. Steffanie

    The nurses daydream…

  10. Alan Thomas

    Dreams; Sugar Plums mmm, Over the Rainbow,
    Oh the Bad Witch of the East; Oh my. OH! wait, I’m at work, oh well I don’t hear any bells. zzzzz

  11. Evelyn M. Fulcher

    “Break Time For Nurse”

    This is pure Heaven! The break room is our sanctuary. We can get off of our feet, enjoy a hot cup of coffee without interruptions. We can rest our heads on the table for a little shut eye…ZZZZzzzz

    A nice cup of hot coffee to warm our souls and a little shut eye before we take on the rest of the shift
    ZZZzzzz…..Just a few more minutes….ZZZZzzzzz

    One of the joys in Nursing!

  12. Allison

    Routine AM bed board meetings at the hospital

  13. Tara Taylr

    One more for the road!

  14. betty merchen

    What hospital adminsitration thinks nurse’s do at work!

  15. George Guidas

    Not another staff meeting!

  16. Laura

    Day shift pranked night shift by swappin’ out the high-test coffee for decaf….

  17. Emily

    Rule # 1…Do Not ‘play’ on the computer when at work.
    Rule # 2…Take your breaks when assigned to do so.
    Rule # 3…Make sure that you get ‘sufficient’ sleep in order to care for your patients.
    Rule # 4…No drooling or ‘slobbering’ allowed on facility break room tables.
    Rule # 5…When all else fails, ‘pretend’ that you are sleeping, even if you are not

  18. sara

    Resident 1: Hey Roger do you think we slipped enough of that haldol in their coffee?
    Resident 2: Are they drooling yet? It always makes Sam drool and snore…

  19. A Dull RN

    This is why nurses are only allowed enough time to sit down while they’re in the loo!

  20. Barb

    My DON, Tracie @ MEC