Scrubs caption contest! – March 14, 2011

Last Week’s Winner

Verpleegsters bij intocht Canadezen / Nurses waving at liberatorsphoto © 2010 Nationaal Archief | more info (via: Wylio)

“What the picture doesn’t show: the first male nurse to their unit arriving on the other side :)

– submitted by Jeffrey Bodurka

This Week’s Contest – March 14, 2011

nursephoto © 2007 xersti | more info (via: Wylio)

What’s your best caption? Leave it it in our comments. Be sure to check back next week when we pick the winner!

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86 Responses to Scrubs caption contest! – March 14, 2011

  1. Jeanie

    Who wants to volunteer for the colonoscopy skills lab?.

  2. Karen Jeffers

    Let’s play “who is hidding the syringe.”

  3. We swear Dr. Brown….the patient was here!!

  4. Lisa

    Does this apron make my boobs look big?

  5. Monna Harman

    Time to make the doughnuts, I mean empty the bedpans.

  6. Kelly M

    I am NOT touching that….. Have disposable gloves been invented yet?

  7. gail williams

    the doctor did say at ease didn’t he?

  8. Tim Huffmaster

    “Does this apron make my butt look big?” “I can stand waiting til scrubs are apporoved, they are so forgiving.”

  9. KIrsty McIntyre

    Which one of you is going to give the gentleman with the wandering hands his bed bath ?

  10. sherri Biscoff

    Ok Mr. Jenkins, it’s time for your colonic!

  11. Christina Smith

    Yes, this is the OR but it doubles as the cafeteria. I’m Margret. I’ll be your server today.

  12. Charna Wooden

    No. Seriously. You want us to do what?

  13. Heather Joy

    “Mrs, Jones, I’m not kidding around. Get up here on this birthing table. We’ve got everything you need…a bucket…a stool…and some nurses ready with a smile…well maybe not.”

  14. Eileen Shlagel

    Come in and lay down Sir. This won’t hurt a bit. We promise!

  15. Cheryl

    Rock, paper…scalpel!

  16. diane

    You want us to work a another shift?

  17. Jennifer

    come on, honey, don’t be afraid; we’ll get that baby out in not time!

  18. Sharon Williams

    it take all 4 of us because we don’t have stirrups

  19. Sharon Williams

    well don’t expect us to smile, we’re menopausal and burning up in these uniforms……..

  20. No, no, Mr. Endright, the gown opens in the BACK!

  21. Katrina Phillips

    I was looking for a husband…… all I see are bedpans and sick people …. oh well smile for the personal ad.

  22. Steph

    How many nurses does it take to give a bed bath?

  23. Cindy

    The key to the narcotics box is missing! Who took it?

  24. Donna N

    Third class OR, for the uninsured .

  25. Sherry C.

    “Mildred, you have the straight jacket ready?” “Yes Ethel…and the enema is also ready”.

  26. Shelli

    “I can’t wait to get these f!@#$ing support hose off”

  27. Kathie Custer

    No girls, don’t laugh, this is what they really look like!!!

  28. Connie Cassidy

    Today we are practicing enemas and we volunteered you to be the patient.

  29. roe

    This is how restraints were applied before…

  30. Maureen Brady

    “My bums itchy, yeah mine too. Good thing the windows are shaded!”

  31. Gail

    Do you think this operating table will work for your gastric bypass patient doctor?

  32. Gail David

    Do you think this table will work for your gastric bypass patient doctor?

  33. Amy

    He was right here Doc. honest! Then nurse Cratchet said something about a large enema.

  34. Misty DeMay

    We’d rather be at the house up on the hill beating laundry on rocks and scrubbing on the washboards.

  35. David

    Bessie, it was your turn to go pick up the patient and have their body shaved!!

  36. David

    Gertie, how many times do we have to tell you not to mention that we don’t use anesthesia until AFTER we have the patient strapped down……..

  37. Charlene Beck

    “I didn’t do it, I swear!”

  38. Jasmin Orcullo

    I swear, we just told him we were gonna give him an enema and he just got up and ran!

  39. Nan

    “Ok, to give a bath, first you cover the table, JUST LIKE THIS. Got that everyone???”

  40. Ziona Huntsman

    How do you expect me to smile when it’s freakin hot in here and I’m wearing all of this garb….let’s get it on already!

  41. Debra Fullbright

    “This is gonna hurt us more than it will you. Trust us, we’re nurses!”

  42. Sandra Martin

    To their disbelief, the nursing staff has just been informed that Dr.Smith will be doing random cavity searches until he finds his missing bottle of Vodka.

  43. Erin Moore

    “Gibson-party of one-your table is ready. May I suggest a some fava beans & a nice chianti-infusion?”

  44. amber

    I sure hope this lobotomy goes better than the last one. Do you think they can see my ice- pick Mabel?

  45. Rebecca Kozowyk

    Tune in next week to find out which student nurse gets eliminated!

  46. Frankie Boxer

    “Come closer….cloooser…there, we won’t hurt you..”

  47. Mary

    “Oh my goodness…” “And he expects us to not only deliver it but wash it afterward?”

  48. nancy geddings

    Patient: “this doesn’t look good”

  49. As you can see we not only take care of your health needs, we do dishes and windows too.

  50. lynn

    hope the schedule stays light our acrylics fell off this weekend

  51. Kristina

    “Is she really…?”

    “Yep, only wearing two sets of undergarments. And I hear her apron is not properly starched.”

  52. Susan

    It only looks small. The veterinarian next door that we borrowed it from said it was plenty big enough for the labrador to have her pups on and you’re only having one baby.

  53. Vixkie

    What I’m not cleaning that!!

  54. Donna Wise

    Stirrups?? What stirrups?? Honestly, we never saw any ice cold, metal stirrups!!

  55. Sherri Staffelli LPN

    Do I see a show of hands for the enema demonstration? Come now don’t be shy!

  56. The endoscopy team looking forward to their next colonoscopy patient.

  57. Michele

    These nurses were just informed that the Joint Commission just arrived for a surprise visit.

  58. Carla

    “Yes doctor, I can be your best friend or your worst enemy, you choose”

  59. Amanda Robinson

    “Okay ladies, look innocent, when doc comes through the door, we’re going to tie him to this table.”

  60. Carol

    First nursing team to assist with a vasectomy….wondering why the patient ran the other way?

  61. we thought it said” WASH, your hands in here,” but it said,” WATCH, your hands in here” oops!!!

  62. Christy Aldaco

    “Hey Gladys, think anyone knows?” The nurses are testing out their new under-the-skirt-foley-catheters, since we all know nurses never have time to pee!

  63. Maria

    Let’s see…. Florence made me promise to “abstain from whatever is deleterious and mischievous”…..hhhmmmm….naaaahhhh!

  64. Linda

    Which one of you gave a bed bath to the patient’s husband?

  65. Nikko

    WHAT??? Are you kidding??? We have to keep the uniform???

  66. Nichelle Tucker

    Well of course it’s gonna be a sterile procedure silly! Trust us… It just looks rusty but it’s not really!

  67. Leslie Foster

    Oh yes. We’ve done this hundreds of times and everyone has come out just fine. See? No blood anywhere! (Sally whispers: “Did you clean out the basin under the table?”)

  68. Rebecca

    Those pranksters from the ER came and bound our hands behind our backs with our apron strings. Too bad trauma shears haven’t been invented yet!

  69. Cara

    Come in, drop your pants, and brace yourself. Nurse “Tits McGee” will be right with you. (Nurse to the right with the big jugs).

  70. Jennifer

    Twilight what? You’re only 9cm. Quit your whining and climb up on the table.

  71. suzanne

    Nneeexxxxtttttt……….for the ‘three H” enema (high hot helluva lot!).

  72. Patty F.

    What do you mean “We” took out the wrong person’s appendix?!

  73. Jen Acierno

    Argh doctors, make us wait for them, then we still have to do all the work!

  74. Yes, Sir, we’re ready and waiting to scrub you down. Yes, Sir, every inch of you.

  75. Robyn Coverly Dey

    The apron matched properly before I washed it, really…please don’t dismiss me for not following dress code!!

  76. kelley calloway

    epidural? HaHa, no need for an epidural in here!!!

  77. Cynthia DeLeon

    Congratulations. You have been selected for our nursing school’s free outpatient tonsillectomy.

  78. “this next surgery is on the constable that gave us that speeding ticket when our buggy ran out of control. I say we just ran out of morphine….”

  79. Prudence Morales

    Ok, delivery boy! Wash your hands….now, put on some gloves and a mask…move slowly towards the table……now slowly place the package down on the table….now you may leave by walking ever so slowly backwards…..that’s it…….you are not to turn your back to us until you are completely out of the room….that’s it…you got it……..OK,LADIES IT’S LUNCHTIME!!!

  80. tina

    I bet you can’t tell it, but we’re all practicing our kegel exercises! 😉

  81. Amy Schneider

    In honor of everyone getting their caps straight- I declare this “No enema day!”

  82. Lindsay S.

    Dr. Thomas just entered the room and noticed that this is the quietest the nurses have ever been. If only he could have read their thoughts!
    Nurse #1 thinking: Oh my word… someone farted! I just hope the doctor doesn’t think it was me!!!
    Nurse #2 thinking: What is that awful smell?!? I thought we scrubbed this place down?!?
    Nurse #3 thinking: Relief! I’ve been holding that for so long! It doesn’t seem like anyone noticed, it must not smell!

  83. Erin D.

    Flo would not be happy about this,ladies……

  84. What ever happened we didn’t do it.

  85. Laura Vartolone

    We refuse to hold a candle like Florence Nightingale!

  86. My name is Clara Barton.
    My name is Clara Barton.
    My name is Clara Barton.