Scrubs caption contest! – March 28, 2011

Last Week’s Winner

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“Bottoms up! No, I really mean to put your bottom up.”

– submitted by jan

This Week’s Contest – March 28, 2011

nurse caption contest march 28, 2011

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What’s your best caption? Leave it it in our comments. Be sure to check back next week when we pick the winner!

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59 Responses to Scrubs caption contest! – March 28, 2011

  1. Tina Patterson

    “Nursing is so very glamorous…as evidenced by the emesis on my shoes.”

  2. Amy

    I’ll take the large bowel!!

  3. claudine

    I put in for downstaffing first!

  4. Kaitlyn

    You try working a double shift, and see if you can remember!?!?

  5. kaitlyn worrell

    Hmmm, wonder which one of us the boss is gonna mandate for overtime???

  6. Jeanie

    Wonder if he’s thinking what we are all thinking????

  7. Stacy

    I can’t wait to get this 12 hour shift over with and throw back some cold ones!!!

  8. Prudence Morales


  9. Prudence Morales


  10. Amy Brassard

    Coffee run! Iced or hot?

  11. Amy brassard

    Coffee run………iced or hot???

  12. Eileen Thompson

    ” I wonder what would Florence Nightingale would do?”

  13. Valeri Delcore

    “I really don’t have time to pose for this picture, I have patients to take care of”

  14. Rik Papagolos

    Oh you are gonna love this one.

  15. Rhonda tack

    I wonder who I can get to clean up after this enema!

  16. Sandi

    Why yes Doctor I would be glad to help you…whiner…

  17. Mary Jo O'Loughlin

    Oh where oh where has my poor patient gone??….x-ray?…cafeteria?…..Chapel?….PT?…..Gift shop?…

  18. teresa eldredge

    RCA The way to make things right, next time ….
    Left to right clouds
    1. What kind of nursing school did these nurses come from? In my day…..
    2. The advent of men into this profession has only served to make it better….I think
    3. Just because one nurse screws up doesn’t mean I am not perfect
    4. That male nurse sure is cute………..
    5. OMG, did I turn off the stove?



  20. mickey schons

    carribian or Mexico!!!!

  21. Misty Holley

    Is there any way to fix stupid?

  22. sue hamner

    They told me these scrubs were slimming???

  23. sue hamner

    They told me these scrubs were slimming???

  24. Kristol

    30 more minutes…..yay….29 more minutes…..almost over woohoo!

  25. Tonia

    Nursing students. Run, quite now, before you invest even more time. You dont have a clue!

  26. explain to us again why the dr makes double the pay for 1/2 the work?????

  27. tina

    i’m off tomorrow, i’m off tomorrow

  28. Tara

    Maybe we shouldve been morticians instead. At least the clients dont complain….

  29. DiAnna

    How can we look so innocent, knowing we just sent the new doc to the morg. instead of the lounge??

  30. DiAnna

    How do we stay so innocent looking knowing we sent the new doc to the morg, instead of the lounge???

  31. 1.what Nursing school did they come from
    2.go ahead and say it MALE nurse!
    3.Male nurse He’s cute..
    5.Having one of those days ,When is my next day off..

  32. Samantha

    Yeeessssss! My shift is almost over…


    I wonder what I will do after working this 16 hour shift- BESIDES COLLAPSE!

  34. Brenda

    Nursing Students and Instructors collectively think:
    1: White scrubs make a nurse look professional
    2: White scrubs…… they got to be joking, they are only white once.
    3: I totally picked this school for the scrub color
    4: Man on man, that male nursing student is so hot, how’s he going to notice me in these drab scrubs.
    5: What’s the best way to get blood out of your scrubs?

  35. Sara

    “I wonder what would happen if I showed up for work tomorrow in a black cocktail dress?”

  36. Joni

    I wonder if those residents will remember how the nurses saved their hides tonight?

  37. Teresa Barker

    Yes that doctor is finally retiring!

  38. Stephanie

    Ummm, I wonder if anyone else noticed Mr. Smith’s hospital gown is on backwards?

  39. Stephanie

    Ummm, I wonder if anyone else noticed Mr. Smith’s hospital gown is on backwards?

  40. Ummm, I wonder if anyone else noticed Mr. Smith’s hospital gown is on backwards?

  41. Sue Howell Gallenstein

    Thank you nurse Jackie! We ALL took the happy pills!

  42. Meredith

    How come physicians can make it through med school but computerized order entry is like rocket science to them! I guess i can add personal assistant for order entry to my daily tasks # 167!

  43. Debbie

    I wonder what Dr Oz would say????

  44. Debbie

    I wonder what Dr Oz would say??

  45. Shannon

    Is there anything else I can do for you? I have the freakin time!

  46. Shannon

    Is there anything else I can do for you? I have the freakin time.

  47. Stephanie Coco-Ako

    Oh, I can now got to the restroom after 10 hrs of running for everyone else. Time for my elimination.

  48. Stephanie Coco-Ako

    Hmmmmm, I am running on empty but I look fabulous.

  49. kandde

    Did that resident just write a note stating the deceased patient was resting quietly with unlabored breathing? We needed him to pronounce him dead so we could turn over the room to get our manager off our backs.

  50. Ben Kuhlman

    What do you guys think that rash is??? Or better which STD…. Hey needs the “ER party pack of ATB”

  51. What do you guys think that rash looks like??? OR better which STD???? I think he needs a ” ER party pack of antibiotics”

  52. beverly hatfield

    1. what did i forget to do; I know it was something, was it important…can’t ask anyone, i may get written up
    2. I wonder if anyone is going to want to order something I don’t want to eat what I brought.
    3. We need another excuse for a potluck….O, I got it ,we all showed up to work, quick call your husbands and have each one of them bring in something different.

  53. John Rodarte

    “Now where the hell did I leave my pen?”

  54. ruth

    Are they getting Christmas off ?

  55. ruth

    Did they get the head nurse position ?

  56. Ruth

    These are not the nurses you’re looking for. You can go about your business. Move along !

  57. Quizzie

    Got time? We got shifts…!!!

  58. Kathy

    It’s the c-diff in 109, not me!

  59. I’m thinking Arby’s