Scrubs caption contest May 17, 2010

Week of May 17, 2010

scrubs caption contest

Image: George Marks | Retrofile RF | Getty Images

What’s your best caption? Leave it it in our comments. Be sure to check back next week when we pick the winner!

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10 Responses to Scrubs caption contest May 17, 2010

  1. Stephanie

    Would you like an enema with that?

  2. For the best caption… “Old school follows the protocol or directions from the physicians without question but the 2010 Professional Nurse will continuously explore new concepts that will improve outcomes and influence future nursing practice. The values of the 2010 Professional Nurse include learning from successes and failures, being curious and questioning, embracing challenges and change, seeking new knowledge and doing all of this with a creative and compassionate mind.”

  3. Linda Leeson

    All right class – attention please. Today we are going to create something really exciting…a soap suds enema!!!
    Pair up!!

  4. Patty Gilewicz

    There is something very special about the clean smell of Castile soap just before you give that 3 H * soap suds enema- *

    * (High, Hot, Hell of alot)

  5. Wendy

    Could someone please tell me where the fallopian tubes might be, thanks SOOOooooo much!

  6. Jill Bradley

    Ok students,who would like to earn some bonus points by helping me demonstrate how to administer an enema? Remember hands on is the best method of learning in nursing!

  7. Glenna Dennis

    Well, yes, Mr. Jones, the pitcher’s of water ARE free….but we charge for the use of a urinal…

  8. Michele

    “Oh, My! If I could just excuse myself….I seem to have had an unfortunate accident…”

  9. Turns out there was a reason Nurse Jones was always so happy… she was brewing moonshine in the hospital basement!

  10. Karen Franklin

    Hmmmm, what does this mean? If I can just get this cap off! In examination of this a little closer might…. egad! The cap was not on very good!!