Scrubs caption contest! – May 23, 2011

Last Week’s Winner

Nurse scrubs caption contest May 16, 2011

Hemera | Thinkstock

“Who would have thought that the nurse of my dreams would be a pain in my ass?”

– submitted by Judy McIntosh

This Week’s Contest – May 23, 2011

What’s your best caption? Leave it it in our comments. Be sure to check back next week when we pick the winner!

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15 Responses to Scrubs caption contest! – May 23, 2011

  1. Judy McIntosh

    Ya know, work’s a lot more fun since they started putting Xanax in the coffee!

  2. Renee

    OMG! Did you see American Idol last night?

  3. Latricia

    And this one time at band camp…..

  4. trish connolly

    After what they saw on THAT colonoscopy, they ALL needed a drink!

  5. Rakhel

    staff of during a brainstorming session

  6. tiffany

    see…… I told you guys team effort begins here!

  7. Rigas Papagolos

    Triple shift, tea and tequila, Life is G00d.

  8. Larry Kutler

    There is not doubt who the new guy is. Those new scubs make him stick out like a sore thumb.

  9. Larry Kutler

    With some vaseline we could probably fit three or four more people in this break room.

  10. Larry Kutler

    boy, girl, boy, girl, boy
    now my OCD is satisfied

  11. Sandy

    We’re fortunate that the CNA’s pass the breakfast trays and feed the patients so that we can have a nice cup of coffee before hitting the floor.

  12. Emily

    “We told you periwinkle, not cerulean!”

  13. Ann Conn

    Oh my God,who farted ?

  14. Mandy

    The new guy looks like the poster boy for the “little blue pill”

  15. Deena McCormAck,C.M.T.

    Everyone, ACT like you’re drinking something, QUICK!