Scrubs caption contest – November 15, 2010

Galt School of Nursing Practical Trainingphoto © 2010 Galt Museum & Archives on The Commons | more info (via: Wylio)

What’s your best caption? Leave it it in our comments. Be sure to check back next week when we pick the winner!

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30 Responses to Scrubs caption contest – November 15, 2010

  1. charell schluchter

    Nurses- ” just wait your next ” patient- ” I didn’t know when I said I feel like I have been wrung out and hung to dry it was really gonna happen”

  2. You do know that this sheet is not 800 thread count, Egyptian cotton, or permanent press, Right?

  3. anita

    This is not what you are supposed to do to problem patients!

  4. Jeffrey Bodurka

    “Why they want us to now preserve the sweat from these sheets must have been thought up by a doctor sitting around doing nothing”.

  5. Judy Kruszewski

    Now ladies this is how to do a complete bedbath.

  6. Denise Roberts

    “If this patient wets the bed one more time we’re gonna do this to the patient instead of the sheets!

  7. kim noeske

    Doctor said we needed a urine sample

  8. Student nurse Jones class will never forget that a Urostomy bag must be applied to non-wrinkled skin.

  9. Louise Tewksbury

    “He’s incontainant, this is the only way we can get a specimen”!

  10. Barbara

    This is how you do accurate I and O on your incontinent patients.

  11. Bill Sluis

    “If it’s on the NCLEX you have to learn it. NOW, t-w-i-s-t and turn, twist and turn…and remember to add the hip movement and sing ‘Oh Macarena!'”

  12. Ellen R. Keane

    “Twist and Pout”

  13. Scott Mesloh

    Are you absolutely certain this is the way to eliminate the Spanish Flu…???
    Yes, this is the technique I learned in nursing school. Now please, we have an audience – wring tighter…!!!

  14. Cindie

    Where is the Maytag repairman?

  15. GrandmaB

    “You actually did that? I could have never thought Nursing could be like that”, said my 9 year old Granddaughter, “I’ll be something else.”

  16. Cheryl

    Doctors orders: Put both feet under end, wring to the right every hour and to the left every half hour.
    When tub is full, please discharge patient home.

  17. michele martucci

    Due to budget cuts, this is how we are now washing the bed linens…just hope this technique is MRSA worthy!

  18. Nicole

    Ladies, pay close attention because you will be expected to competently perform this procedure. When the esteemed MD orders, “precise and accurate measurements of a dialysis patient’s output” this is what is required. Every drop counts!

  19. Kate Gartland

    There must be an easier way to measure output….

  20. terry

    Yes Ladies, you were correct….this patient was VERY INCONTINENT last night!

  21. robin

    ….and that will also be your duty along with everything else we have gone over today.

  22. kathy

    Keep looking ladies…he was in this bed last night!

  23. Rich B.

    Luckily…bedside laundry never quite caught on as well as bedside diagnostic testing.

  24. Lisa Larson

    Range of motion exercises are very important on bed-bound patients…..

  25. Pam Will

    If she would just let us put a foley catheter in him we wouldn’t have to do this everytime he coughs. Lord knows, these flu outbreaks make us work overtime.

  26. Kortney

    Practicing on bed linens before moving onto the doctors is always important in order to assure correct technique. Doctor’s will never address these RN’s rudely again!

  27. Barbara

    Sir, If you insist on calling my students names and touching them, this is what they will do to your tender bits.

  28. Karla Bishop

    Now class, this technique is time effecient, however it WILL leave a mark, so pay special attention to your documentaion!

  29. Crystal

    I do believe that this patient was given a little too much Lasix.

  30. Jo Anne

    Lucy and Ethel’s best attempt at nursing ??