Scrubs caption contest – September 13, 2010

September 13, 2010

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What’s your best caption? Leave it it in our comments. Be sure to check back next week when we pick the winner!

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27 Responses to Scrubs caption contest – September 13, 2010

  1. Tina

    As always I’m all sterile and I have to pee!!!

  2. tina


  3. connie phillips

    i wish everyone had to wear sterile gloves. i wish it was “the law”

  4. meg

    The truth is.. I have no idea what I’m doing!!

  5. this is just how that new Dr. looked as the head was crowning!!!

  6. Steffanie

    “Ahhh, code brown!”
    “Oh Lord, why do I always get the squeamish nursing students?”

  7. Alicia Penrod

    Why are you here? Today is your day off!

  8. Jamie

    (Student nurse here)

    Yay! I finally got how to get these sterile gloves on! Oh crap there’s a strand of my hair! Now, to start all over.

  9. Anita Smith

    They loved the specimen because it went … WHERE?

  10. Louanne

    I’m not really a doctor, but I play one on tv….

  11. Christy

    OMG!!! Can you beleive the size of that implant.

  12. Kathleen

    and he did this !!!!!! It was a good thing the patient had a great sense of humor.

  13. christina

    LOOK-NO HANDS!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Susan

    I SWEAR I did not put dermabond on your glove!


  16. Rebecca Holleran

    “Omg, Omg, Omg!… I’m sooo uber excited!…Did you hear that Golightly comes in Coconut Malibu flavor now???”

  17. JoAnne Byers

    Oh SEE HOW CLEAN THEY STILL ARE? I scrubbed my gloves real good in between each patient!!!!. That’s my good dead for cutting down on cost……..

  18. peggy

    “I am doing do so much better. I only dropped this many instruments “

  19. Kathy Davis

    Forget about an extra hand….if these scrubs could have just ONE mORE pocket…

  20. Hannah Stansbury

    …so I darted to the patient’s bedside, and that’s when I realized she had announced code BROWN, not code BLUE!

  21. It shouldn’t be Go Lytlye..It should be Go Heavily!

  22. Teri

    Great, you counted the FIRST 10 sponges.

  23. Dee

    Phew!!! I scrubed in with Dr Hatchet and I still have all ten fingers see count emm all ten :)

  24. christy Girard

    I should have had a v8.

  25. nicola barker

    Oops, i think i had sex with that Dr last night. Not again!!

  26. nancy

    Guess what! Dr. X(&(&^) is our colonoscopy PATIENT today!

  27. Jodi

    “OMG!!! I totally remember now where I left the other instruments!! YIPPEE…oh….umm..uh-oh”