Scrubs caption contest – September 27, 2010

September 27, 2010

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What’s your best caption? Leave it it in our comments. Be sure to check back next week when we pick the winner!

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17 Responses to Scrubs caption contest – September 27, 2010

  1. Jeffrey Bodurka

    Guess which one is the nurse? Correct, neither! Because a nurse is too busy for either of these activities.

  2. Diana Ward

    If he only knew how many germs are living on that seat he is sleeping on.


    No matter how far you travel, or how tired you become, you are never far from a Nurse ready to care for you”


    Even while you sleep, a nurse is staying on the job, keeping on top of things.

  5. Victor

    “Ugh, he better not be dead because I am NOT going back to the hospital unless I HAVE to.”

  6. Kristin Prescott

    A, B, C- check! Back to my great Scrubs article!

  7. Mary

    That new imaging technique really works, I thought he’d never be quiet!

  8. Joyce Levesque

    Awe isn’t he cute. Too bad he missed his appointment now he’ll have to pay anyway.

  9. cindie

    Our Scrubs radiate security, soft, secure

  10. cindie

    Where I feel Safe…..

  11. Sleep like a baby, we’ve got your back, 24/7.!

  12. Jan F

    You firmly believe that “too stupid to live” should be a diagnosis.

  13. nancy

    Looks like the drug rep. has to wait for a Dr.’s appt. just like everyone else!

  14. Shanna

    You can. Because we don’t.

  15. Ever wonder why they can charge $300 an hr and eventhough they say there’s a shortage of nurses a new grad has to go on 10 interviews to find a job?

  16. Bertia

    The hospital bed shortages are getting ridiculous!

  17. laura sonsthagen

    you know your a nurse when you look at someone’s veins in check out lane and say outloud “that looks like a good one”!

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