Six-page dress code for nurses bans “too much thigh”

Four hospitals in the UK have issued a new six-page dress code for nurses specifically banning cleavage and too much thigh. According to AOL news, the Lister in Stevenage and Queen Elizabeth II in Welwyn Garden City among others will have to adhere to the new policy “or else they will face disciplinary action.” Other specifics in the dress code cites exposed midriffs and mini skirts.

Nurses at the hospitals are hitting out at the ‘new’ guidelines, calling them “outdated” and “insulting”.

What do you think? Does your facility’s dress code leave you feeling undermined?




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6 Responses to Six-page dress code for nurses bans “too much thigh”

  1. Jennifer

    not at all; I believe this should be the case and I would add no piercing (even if that would mean taking away earrings), no spikes or visible tatoos.

  2. Jana

    I completely agree! It’s amazing at some of the things nurses, as professionals, will wear to work! I have seen nurses come to work in tank tops with WAY too much cleavage showing, pants so tight I’m surprised they can breathe and (the one that bothers me the most) is dirty, wrinkled scrubs. If you wouldn’t want someone dressed like that taking care of you/your parent/your child then you shouldn’t wear it.

  3. Rachael Rainer

    I can’t imagine ANY respectable nurse wearing scrubs that expose cleavage, midriffs or mini-skirts! We are PROFESSIONALS in the health care industry, not the entertainment industry!

  4. Steph Student

    Keep your chests covered! Make sure your top is such that even if you are bending over, nothing shows…a professional environment is no place for peek-a-boos, gross.

  5. Nurse Rene RN

    Call me ‘Old School’ but I have NO problem with a dress code requiring people who do not seem to ‘get it’ to cover up a bit more.
    Seriously, no one wants to see a nurse’s butt or ‘sisters’ hanging out or the ‘thong top’ over the pants except on a porn site! And I HAVE seen this-in a WHITE DRESS uniform on a young lady who should have known better. .
    I suppose it’s a general lack of COMMON SENSE, which cannot be taught but must be LEARNED as one grows up that makes people clueless about such things as the proper way to dress for success at work, don’t ‘text’ when driving, etc.
    And for those who would respond about their ‘right’ to wear whatever they want, remember the Rule: Your Rights End Where Mine Begin!