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Career Advice for Nurses

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5 times every nurse needs good bargaining skills

How are your bargaining skills? These are five of the times you might need strong ones as a nurse.


5 ways to keep a normal social life while working the night shift

Ah, the dreaded night shift. How do you keep a normal social life while you work NOC? Check out these five helpful tips.

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6 reasons I chose NOT to follow the typical critical care nurse’s career path

“I tell you my story so that you don’t fall victim to the pressures of what is the “norm” or natural progression of a nurse’s career. Choose your own path, because in the end, you’re the one who has to walk it.”

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Does nurse bullying affect your autonomy on the job?

Brittney from The Nerdy Nurse learned a valuable lesson about autonomy in nursing and how it can disappear. Read her story and advice here!

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Top tips for advancing the nursing profession and your career

“The future of nursing and your personal nursing career is in your hands.” Wondering where to go from here? Read on!

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4 ways YOU can advance your career and the healthcare industry

Now is the time to continually look forward and imagine new possibilities! Here are four pieces of advice to help advance your career and enhance the field of healthcare for years to come.

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‘Toxic Nursing’: How to handle the “in crowd” on the unit

“Jess and I have been friends forever…you wouldn’t understand anything we’re talking about if you joined us.”

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‘Toxic Nursing’: How to cope when a coworker helps everyone on the team…but you

“Julia makes a point of helping every other nurse on the psych unit but ignoring Diane’s requests…”

How one nurse is transforming her hospital into a “Green Zone”

How one nurse is transforming her hospital into a “Green Zone”

This time, the one who’s sick is Mother Nature.

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Ask Katie Duke: “How do you keep calm when dealing with aggressive patients?”

“What do you do to keep yourself calm when dealing with aggressive patients or family members in the ER?” Read Katie Duke’s answer to this and more of YOUR questions!

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‘Toxic Nursing’: Dealing with unfair patient assignments

“Jane and Linda eventually realize that the experienced nurses are coming in for the shift early and switching around the patient load, intentionally giving the nurses who came in later the harder patients…”

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‘Toxic Nursing’: Getting rid of the green-eyed monster on the job

How the fabled green-eyed monster can lead to toxic nursing in the workplace.

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‘Toxic Nursing’: Managing two-faced coworkers

“As soon as the nurse manager leaves the unit, they slack off and hide out in the breakroom, gossiping, while Nadine, a newer nurse, picks up the slack…”

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‘Toxic Nursing’: Dealing with an energy vampire

What are energy vampires? Find out in this excerpt from “Toxic Nursing.”

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Two tips to help you reconnect with the “art” of nursing

How does technology affect your ability to provide nursing care…and how can YOU bring back the “art” of nursing? Find out.