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Career Advice for Nurses

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New nurse grads—start your shift off right

Something that took me a while to master was the best way to start my shift after getting report. I felt like as soon as I got report, I was somehow behind. Seriously. I was. I started out working on […]

Overcoming mistakes

Overcoming mistakes

When mistakes are made, the well-being of the patient is often at stake. And mistakes will be made, because nurses are human, too.

Coping with long waits and overcrowding

Coping with long waits and overcrowding

Next time your hospital hits maximum capacity, quell the urge to hide in the utility closet by implementing some of Katie’s simple, yet effective communication.

Is starting Med-Surg right for you?

Is starting Med-Surg right for you?

If you’re fresh on the nursing scene and thinking about diving straight into Med-Surg, this episode of “The Katie Duke Show” on ScrubsBeat is for you.

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5 pearls of wisdom nurses need to have

Here are five pieces of knowledge that every nurse should have.

A day in the life of an ER nurse

A day in the life of an ER nurse

What does a day in the life of an ER nurse really look like?

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10 more rules for student nurses

We asked you about your rules and advice for student nurses and got some great responses! Check them out here, and leave your own, as well!

5 ways to deal with nurse bullying

5 ways to deal with nurse bullying

Nurse bullying…it sounds counterintuitive, but it happens and it’s no secret (among nurses, at least).

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Ask Aunt Agatha: “How can I break this insomnia pattern?” and more

Aunt Agatha is back again to answer the tough questions nurses have! Get some great advice, and submit your own for her next column!

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“66 Percent of Doctors Recommend Careers as Nurse Practitioners Instead” – Did you read it?

A new study found that 66 percent of doctors surveyed said that becoming a nurse practitioner is the way to go…even more so than being a doctor! Find out why.

“I am NOT the patient”

“I am NOT the patient”

We all have our bad days and our good days—on the job, in life…. But even as we deal with our own [ahem] stuff, seeing our patients battle through their worst days can put things into perspective. Watch this week’s episode of […]

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20 bad habits that will drive your coworkers crazy

Whatever you do, don’t be that nurse who is known for any of these 20 bad practices…

This is the most important rule in nursing

This is the most important rule in nursing

We all know there are plenty of rules and regulations in nursing. However, perhaps no one rule is as important as the “Q” rule…as in…DON’T SAY THE Q WORD! In this week’s episode of “The Sean Dent Show,” Sean reveals the reason why. […]

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“Bring in the Nurses—Stat” – Did you read it?

Two healthcare professionals explore the absence of nurses from boards and commissions, ultimately making a case for change.

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Can job-hopping hurt a nurse’s career?

Is job-hopping a bad thing for nurses? Sean Dent weighs in.