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Career Advice for Nurses

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‘Toxic Nursing’: Getting rid of the green-eyed monster on the job

How the fabled green-eyed monster can lead to toxic nursing in the workplace.

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‘Toxic Nursing’: Managing two-faced coworkers

“As soon as the nurse manager leaves the unit, they slack off and hide out in the breakroom, gossiping, while Nadine, a newer nurse, picks up the slack…”

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‘Toxic Nursing’: Dealing with an energy vampire

What are energy vampires? Find out in this excerpt from “Toxic Nursing.”

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Two tips to help you reconnect with the “art” of nursing

How does technology affect your ability to provide nursing care…and how can YOU bring back the “art” of nursing? Find out.

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‘Toxic Nursing’: Coping with inappropriate feedback

“Are you saying I did something to deliberately hurt a patient?”

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‘Toxic Nursing’: Gossip and ganging up

“You know, that Gretchen is really full of herself.” Sound like something you’ve heard on the job? Read on for expert ways to cope.

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‘Toxic Nursing’: How to cope with cliques, campaigns and high-school drama

Think your workplace might be toxic? Sick of cliques and catty attitudes? Then you need to read this!

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The No.1 reason nurse empowerment is so important for the future of healthcare

“Nurses have the ability to make a positive impact on the lives of the patients they serve and the nurses who will come after them more than ever…”

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20 tips for nurse noobs

Nurse Sean shares tips to help you through your “inexperienced” phase!

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Love and work – the dish about dating coworkers

An “office romance” in nursing can present a serious set of challenges in an already challenging environment. Here are some tips should you decide to dive in.

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Q&A: “Can I complete my nursing training online?”

Once you decide on a healthcare career, you need to figure out how to get from where you are right now to being a fully trained and employed medical professional. Here’s how to start!

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Why you aren’t getting hired as a nurse

Stuck without a job? These tips can help you figure out why — and what to do about it.

Quiz: History of the nursing salary

Quiz: History of the nursing salary

How well do you know the history of nursing wages in America? Take our quiz and see how your salary stacks up against nurses and other professionals from decades past.

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5 tips for picking the right travel nurse recruiter for you

Interested in travel nursing? The Nerdy Nurse is dispensing advice for picking the best recruiter…read on!

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Do we get paid enough?

Three things nurses should be asking for from their workplaces.