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Nurse evaluations

One of the hard parts about being a nurse manager is evaluating another nurse’s performance. It’s tough to look another nurse in the eye – your co-worker and sometimes even your friend – and telling them how well (or not!) they perform.

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What does your nurse manager expect from you?

As an ED nurse manager dealing with a diverse staff along with a large number of psych and intoxicated patients, I must let my expectations be known with them.

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Take that! How I (kind of) defeated the nurse who is out to get me

There’s this clipboard nurse upstairs who has been trying to find ANY reason to “counsel” me.

How to deal with an unreasonable boss

How to deal with an unreasonable boss

You’ve hit a wall trying to deal with your manager. Here are three steps to get you through.

What nurses should look for in a boss

What nurses should look for in a boss

Last week I sent an email to my boss explaining that I am interested in moving up the ladder. I received an email back that really just shot me down. I am seriously considering leaving because of the lack of support she’s given me.

Don’t burn your bridges

Don’t burn your bridges

What you say or do here will eventually make it to the hospital on the other side of town. Here’s an example…

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Does your nurse manager see you as confident?

Questioning yourself is normal. But if you compare yourself to your preceptor, who has several more years of experience, you’re only going to drive yourself crazy.

Stacks….a day in the life of a Nurse Manager

Stacks….a day in the life of a Nurse Manager

Here it is, the end of the year and I can’t think of anything to write about. I am sitting here at my desk looking at all the stacks of papers on my desk demanding my attention.

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Top five must-have traits for every nurse manager

Here’s one: Equality. Playing favorites is probably my biggest pet peeve. Level the playing field and hold all staff members accountable to the same standards regardless of experience, history or status.

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Tips on how to thank nurses (a helpful guide for your manager)

Just a little gratitude goes a long way. Here’s a list of ways that your bosses can make your life just a little sweeter. Just print it out and post it anonymously in the nurse’s station, the break room, and drop it on your manager’s desk as you walk by…

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Hating Charge

I feel like charge takes away from my own patient care–because at my hospital, charge nurses need to take a patient assignment. I need some advice.

Rough week for a nurse manager

Rough week for a nurse manager

This week I had to let two of my employees go. One had it coming, it was really just a matter of time until he had to move along. But the other was tough.

5 things your boss should not be

5 things your boss should not be

This week I had a big issue with a couple of my CNAs. I saw that on Facebook, one of the CNAs posted the “Top 5 things to being a good Boss” and “Top five things not to do as a boss.” These were obviously directed at me…

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10 best and worst nursing bosses

Sure, there are nightmare managers. But there are some pretty good ones out there too. Is your boss a Hovercraft or an Enabler?

Frustrated charge nurse

Frustrated charge nurse

On a recent shift, a physician pulled me aside to tell me she did not have confidence in one of my coworkers. Now, what am I supposed to do with that information? Oh yeah, and I was the charge nurse that night.

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