Doctors and Nurses

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Male nurses and the doctor’s favorite myth

So, do doctors treat a male nurse differently than a female nurse?

Doctors’ tributes to nurses in real life

Doctors’ tributes to nurses in real life

These stories are sure to erase any doubt that doctors do appreciate nurses.

10 questions I’d love to ask SOME MDs…

10 questions I’d love to ask SOME MDs…

If only. If only we could ask stuff like, “how much money do you really make?”

The top 10 worst orders you’ve ever read!

The top 10 worst orders you’ve ever read!

Doctors scribble the darndest things. See the list of funny orders written by real MDs.

The secret of successful charting

The secret of successful charting

Instead of seeing it as one more thing to cross off your to-do list, what if you looked at it as…a conspiracy?

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What do doctors want? “Mind readers”

What do doctors want? Read the back and forth between our favorite ER Doc and our favorite sassy RN.

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How to deal with overbearing doctors

These 5 tips will help you cope with arrogant, uncooperative MDs.

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How nurses can earn the respect of difficult doctors

Get the respect you deserve by following these two effective steps.

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How to be confident with doctors

“As a new graduate, one of my biggest challenges has been calling a physician on the phone. I often feel flustered and unsure of myself. Then they get frustrated. Can you help? Does this get easier with experience?” —Flustered on the Phone

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Speak more assertively as a nurse

Let’s face it: Standing up to colleagues, patients and their families isn’t always easy. Let these simple tips teach you how to speak with confidence.

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When nurses should argue with the doctor

As civilians, our daily conundrums aren’t necessarily life or death. But as nurses, they could be. So when you see a doctor doing something that ain’t okay, what do you do?

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Leave it to the Docs

We had a minor emergency on our hands the other night that required surgical intervention. I intervened and called a doc for another doctor–and all heck broke loose.

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7 tips for dealing with doctors…at night!

I think #7 may be the most important: Develop a thick skin. But the rest of these ideas will serve you well when handling MDs during the evening shift.

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Improving nurse-doctor communication

It’s not all about following SBARQ; what can we do to improve communication between nurses and doctors?

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Doctoring the ‘Doctor’ title?

I have taken an interest to this particular debate, since I am a current Nurse Practitioner student who will eventually hold a Doctorate of Nursing Practice…

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