Nurse Myths and Misconceptions

7+ ways you never stop learning as a nurse

7+ ways you never stop learning as a nurse

Think that just because you’ve graduated from nursing school, you’re done studying and learning? Think again!

Are all nurses nice and doctors mean?

Are all nurses nice and doctors mean?

Why are doctors always stereotyped as “mean,” and nurses “nice”? Nurse Sean has five theories.

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What an RN should never ask of a CNA

What goes around comes around folks, and I’m here to publicly apologize to any CNA reading this.

Garrison Keillor and his nurses

Garrison Keillor and his nurses

Listen to some entertaining references to nurses that we’ve selected from his radio shows. Some are truly inspirational.

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5 nursing stereotypes debunked

Our society is FILLED with preconceived notions about nurses and nursing. Which of these outdated and inaccurate depictions is the silliest?

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What is being a nurse really like?

It’s like walking a tightrope with your hands in your pockets.

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WATCH: Unbelievable hospital scenes from TV

Docs pushing gurneys and doing science experiments with young patients? Nurses doing nothing but looking pretty and tottering about in high heels? Laugh at these priceless clips from Dr. Kildare, Marcus Welby, Doogie Howser, Grey’s, House and more!

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Would you ever discourage someone from becoming a nurse?

Nurse Sean’s answer is a resounding “no,” but he would follow his answer with some…warnings.

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Study reveals YouTube videos often depict nurses as sex objects

Sigh. A recent study finds that YouTube videos negatively stereotype nurses in much the same way they often are portrayed in mainstream media.

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Why we nurses have to stay on top of our game

I believe there are nurses out there who still think CEUs are a waste of time. Here’s why they are not.

Don’t burn your bridges

Don’t burn your bridges

What you say or do here will eventually make it to the hospital on the other side of town. Here’s an example…

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The “nursing experience” myth debunked

Every nurse has been told this during a conversation about job opportunities: “You need to get some regular floor experience before you specialize.” Not true!

“Have you heard the one about the nurse who…?”

“Have you heard the one about the nurse who…?”

Stories about nurses are as old as the profession itself. Here, the truth and nothing but the truth about eight oft-told tales.

There is no “15-minute rule” in nursing

There is no “15-minute rule” in nursing

I’m wondering if there is a “courtesy” time frame when awaiting a return phone call from a licensed provider who was contacted by pager?

A tribute to men in nursing

A tribute to men in nursing

Nursing wasn’t always a female-dominated profession. Let’s take a walk through history in this tribute to the men in nursing!

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