Nurse Burnout

Top 7 mistakes to avoid in  your nursing career

Top 7 mistakes to avoid in your nursing career

Yes. There will be pitfalls. But here are some banana peels that you can veer around.

18 inspirational quotes for burned-out nurses

18 inspirational quotes for burned-out nurses

Anyone feeling a little burned out on the job? Click in to get some fresh inspiration and motivation!

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5 strategies to help cope with compassion fatigue

“I get so attached to my patients that I just can’t get them out of my head…” Is this you?


Decreasing nurse burn out could save Philadelphia $41 million per year

A recent study shows compelling reasons for instituting nurse-to-patient ratios in Philadelphia. See the eye opening statistics.

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Do you have “nurse brownout”?

“Brownout” is that state of being just before burnout happens, when you’re feeling cynical, tired, less productive and fighting off a “Who gives a blank?” attitude.


The eventual burn out of nurses

Maybe I’m being cynical, but the very people who make our jobs worthwhile are the same ones that can drive us to quit. I’m talking about our patients.


Why nurses need a creative outlet

Grab a marker and some paper, sing out loud, paint a picture – whatever you do, let it help you let go of your day-to-day stress!

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Support: nurses need it, too

Would you agree with me when I say that lack of support outside of the work environment may be a major contributing factor to burn-out? | Getty Images

The two “B” words

I’ve been working in my own life on boundaries, and my lack of, with friends and family members.

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The safest and healthiest ways to vent at work

Here are some things you can and SHOULD do when you’re at work and you need to ‘vent’ those frustrations

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5 ways to tell if you’re experiencing burnout

Ever worked with anyone whose candle seems to dimming each time you see them? Here’s how to tell if you’re approaching that limit.

How do I deal with nursing school while working, too?

Follow this advice to juggle work with reaching your educational goals while keeping some semblance of sanity.

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The holistic nursing taboo

Should healthcare providers start talking more about the “woo woo” specialty? The benefits to patient AND nurse make holistic nursing something that ought to be taken more seriously.

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6 ways to ask for a vacation

Been dreaming of a week lazing in the hammock or on the beach? We’ll show you how to make a clean getaway.

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How to go to nursing school with a full-time job

It’s not easy to combine work and school. Give yourself the advantage with these four tips.