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Body language every nurse should know

Body language every nurse should know

What are five subtle signs that may indicate your patient is in distress? Want to know the nonverbal cues that indicate what your manager REALLY thinks about you? Here’s your guide! | Thinkstock

5 tricky hospital situations resolved

To succeed in the workplace, you need more than mad clinical skills. You need excellent interpersonal skills as well. What would you do if a colleague dissed you at work?

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What an RN should never ask of a CNA

What goes around comes around folks, and I’m here to publicly apologize to any CNA reading this.

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Are you relying on your nurse team too much?

Passing pain pills, positioning patients, pulling foley catheters for another nurse…it’s all in a day’s work. But where do we draw the line?

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5 embarrassing new nurse mistakes

Nurses make mistakes. Lots of them. Most of the time we catch ’em before they become a big deal. Here are 5 unforgettable scenarios from the files of Agatha.

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Your habits that annoy fellow coworkers: Part II

I thought I might send an open letter to all “those” coworkers out there and address just a few of these occurrences that can get under our skin.

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3 things your nursing team is dying to tell you

Which quirks annoy you the most? Here’s one of mine: Not knowing the difference between delegation and shirking your duties!

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Leftover food for the ER staff…

Why is it that my department is always the recipient of all the random food from every meeting?

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What makes a good nurse team?

I learned that our fellow health care team members have no honest idea of what advanced nursing education and training entails. Many were not aware of the requirements, let alone our previous experiences.

5 things I’ve learned in my first month as a real nurse!

5 things I’ve learned in my first month as a real nurse!

There’s nothing like your first weeks on the unit, right? Thank God I’ve had a good team at my side and mentors to support me. Here are some gems that may help other new nurses…

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Why nurses never get a break

Why don’t you get a moment’s rest? It’s because your colleagues can’t live without you! Read this true story from the front lines…


Playing well in the sandbox

We are the coordinators of care, the wranglers, and the sieve where almost all of our patients’ care is poured and filtered. So if we can’t work well with the team, our patients are in trouble.

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It takes a village

The old African proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child” resonates loudly with the growth and maturation of any nurse. I’m not talking just new nurses or new grads.

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The Spice Girls of the nurse team

Even back then, Laura was a paradox. Brusque and sarcastic toward the doctors…kind and exceedingly gentle with her patients.

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The wild one

Have a nurse on your unit who’s just a little bit MORE? You know, the one that the entire team (not to mention the patients) loves the most!