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It’s not always about the money

It’s not always about the money

Here is an open letter from a nurse to any and all hospital administration.

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6 ways to add to your paycheck

Dos and don’ts for growing your nursing job compensation.

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7 reasons you won’t get that raise (and what to do about it!)

While most of us didn’t enter this awesome profession for the money, not many would refuse more of it in their paycheck. Here’s why you may be getting passed over.

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Average NP salaries up $8k in two years

Nurse practitioner salaries are on the rise! Find out the average salary, experience levels and more of NPs across the country.

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Why you aren’t getting hired as a nurse

Stuck without a job? These tips can help you figure out why — and what to do about it.

Quiz: History of the nursing salary

Quiz: History of the nursing salary

How well do you know the history of nursing wages in America? Take our quiz and see how your salary stacks up against nurses and other professionals from decades past.

Why nurses are opting to become nurse practitioners

Why nurses are opting to become nurse practitioners

On office visits, people choose NPs over MDs. Find out why patients prefer NPs, and why the profession itself is so appealing.

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Nurse salaries 2014: What CNAs, LPNs, NPs, RNs and more are making this year!

Curious about how your salary stacks up against that of other nurses with similar credentials and experience? Explore median salaries for many popular nursing careers here!

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Do we get paid enough?

Three things nurses should be asking for from their workplaces.

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From prudent professional to smart shopper: the nurse’s advantage

Does your grocery bill prompt you to tears? It turns out nurses’ schedule and specialized skills give you an advantage in the store…find out how!

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The nurse’s guide to budgeting

If you are intimidated by creating a budget or just don’t know how to start, check out these easy steps specifically for nurses.

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Does a BSN degree equate to a higher salary for RNs?

Would getting your BSN bump up your salary? Check out our research to see if it might be a good option for you!

Round up: Our favorite salary tip articles

Looking for a little salary advice? We’ve rounded up our favorite articles on top paying states and specialties for nurses, and ways to earn more.

How to score the best nurse benefits

How to score the best nurse benefits

Tip #1: If you’re considering going back to school, make sure you find an employer that provides the most tuition reimbursement you can find.

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California ranks as the top state for RN salaries

While California’s always been regarded as a great state for nurses, did you know that ALL of the top 10 cities for RN salaries are there? Read on…