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7 gadgets to help you get (and stay!) fit

Don’t have the time to hit the gym or a park after a 12-hour shift? Don’t beat yourself up! Instead, try one of these gadgets to help you get fit.

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Can blogging about nursing help the profession?

“Can nurses who blog use their online presence to improve the nursing profession? Can they use their voice to connect with others nurses and make a positive difference?”

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4 apps to help keep nurses organized off-duty

Check out four of our favorite apps to help keep your off-duty life organized, just in time for some spring cleaning!

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4 ways nurses can use social media for career success

“If you’re a nurse who uses social media but avoids talking about nursing topics, then you may be missing out on some really valuable ways to broaden your career horizons.”

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3 ways nurses can help their patients participate in clinical research

Up to 40% of cancer clinical studies go unfilled or are closed early because there are not enough participants. Here’s what you can do to help.

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5 apps every ER nurse needs

Work in the emergency room? We’ve got five apps you’ll want to keep handy during your fast-paced shifts.

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Technology in nursing…where do you stand?

What advances in technology have been helpful at work? And what changes are you looking forward to seeing the most?

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Best running apps for nurses

Having trouble sticking with a running routine? Here are five apps that may help!

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5 apps to help nurses sleep

Trouble getting enough restful sleep? It may be time to turn to technology…like these five great apps!

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11 iPhone apps every nurse should download

According to Apple, these are the best of the best nursing apps for iPhones…check them out!

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How do new improvements in healthcare tech impact your work life?

How much has technology changed your job in the last 20 years? Read on for why it’s so important to keep up with new developments…


The best smartphones for nurses, 2013 edition

We’re back with another roundup of the best phones for busy nurses. Did yours make the list?

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5 mindless apps to help nurses unwind on their breaks!

Need to shut off your brain for a bit on your break? We’ve rounded up five of our favorite apps to help you take a load off.

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Apps for nurses: Talking Translator

Have you discovered Talking Translator yet? If not, your fellow nurses think you should be using this app–here’s why!

Apps for nurses: Lexi-Comp’s CLINICAL SUITE

Apps for nurses: Lexi-Comp’s CLINICAL SUITE

Have you discovered Lexi-Clinical Suite yet? If not, your fellow nurses think you should be using this app–here’s why!